Why A New Mom Hung Up A "No Breastfeeding Zone" Sign Right After Giving Birth

A new mom decided to hang a sign that said "No Breastfeeding Zone" outside of her hospital room right after she gave birth. Now we are wondering why!

We have all heard that breastfeeding is the best thing for babies. Tons of research has shown the benefits of breastfeeding and how it provides antibodies and all of the ultimate nutrients necessary for the baby. Most moms want to breastfeed their baby due to how amazing breast milk can be for an infant, however, that luxury is not possible for many mothers. Some mothers' milk is defective, some women don't produce enough, and other women might deal with so many infections (such as mastitis and thrush) that it's not even worth the heartache.

For one new mother, Meghan Koziel, she doesn't have the option to breastfeed her child and so she wants everybody to be aware that some mothers cannot feed their child with the "traditional" method.

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Koziel put a sign outside of her hospital room and then posted a picture onto Instagram, “NO BREASTFEEDING ZONE. Though breastfeeding is a very special task, please be aware before you ask. Our miracle baby will be formula fed, and it will not affect her future ahead. This mommy is a survivor.”

Meghan Koziel was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2015. With part of her treatment to remove the cancer she had to undergo a double mastectomy. Obviously, when she became pregnant with her little baby girl she knew that she would not be able to breastfeed her. She knew before she was even pregnant that her child would be formula fed. When she gave birth to her daughter she knew that many of the nurses and doctors would ask her about her breastfeeding and so Koziel decided to stop them from asking by placing a "No Breastfeeding Zone" sign on her door.

It is very important for people to be sensitive towards mothers about how they feed their baby. Yes, we all know the benefits of breastfeeding, but FED IS BEST. No mom should ever be made to feel guilty about not breastfeeding their child because you never know what the moms are going through.  For most moms, formula is never the first choice. Most of the moms who have to formula feed their children do so because breastfeeding didn't work out. We need to make sure we are trying to support one another and not judge other moms for the decisions that they have made for their children because sometimes they didn't even have a choice.

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