New Parenting Services Include Everything From Toilet-training To Baby Stylists

Parents in this age now have the option to opt for outsource parenting: hiring services to make parenting easier, less confusing, and less daunting. From toilet-training to styling your baby, there are companies that offer a variety of services that help with the challenging task of being a parent. Now, at a certain price, professional opinions on raising children is available to all.

In this digital age, information is easily accessible to most people around the world. Before, one had to rely on wisdom passed on from others or the few published parenting books for guidance on raising a child. Now, a confused parent can consult various parenting blogs, online tutorials, or professional services any time they have questions or doubts. Those who are passionate about parenting also have the option to pursue it as a career—helping new, confused, or scared parents with their challenge of raising children.

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An example of this service is NYC Potty Training owned by Samantha Allen. The company charges between $2,000 to $3,300 to help teach parents how to potty train their children. The consulting firm was so successful that Allen has built a client base from California reaching all the way to London, and Dubai wants to franchise the service.

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Consultants for hire are not limited to parenting techniques. Other examples of the services provided are help childproofing your home, outfit shopping, and gender-reveal party planning. Childproofing services, in particular, are becoming a norm amongst new parents. Consultants assess the potential dangers of your house (sharp corners, places kids can fall, temperature of the water heater, etc.) and suggest products to protect your children.

While the availability of such services makes it easier for those with extra cash to parent, many critics argue that they commodify parenting. The purity and joy of parenting get tainted with its sale to new parents. However, much like any other service, parents can choose to spend their money where they see fit. If this means they want to hire a personal stylist for their kids, then they will be able to find someone to do it for them.

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