New Pics Prove Nick And Joe Jonas Are The Best Uncles In The World

New Instagram posts show us just how amazing Nick and Joe Jonas are at their job of being an uncle. From taking their nieces to large events to just chilling at home, these two have gotten the role of fun uncle down. The best part is they’re proud of it, as we can see in their multiple Instagram posts of their beloved girls.

On February 14th, 2014, Kevin and Danielle Jonas welcomed their first daughter, Alena, into the world. From the moment Nick and Joe laid their eyes on her, they have been absolutely obsessed with her. They would play whatever games she wished: doctor, building with Play-Doh, or the boys’ favourite: fetch a beer for uncle. Two years later, Alena’s sister, Valentina, came into the world, and the uncles couldn’t be happier to have another little one to spoil.

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The two are constantly fighting for the title of favourite uncle. At family gatherings, the Jonas uncles are ready to give the girls whatever they desire. They can ask them to for a serenade accompanied by a piano, buy them cotton candy, or do anything silly to make them laugh. The girls are also consistently shown off by their uncles at performances, shows, and social media. The number of selfies they take together must take up so much of their phone spaces!

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In an interview with James Corden, however, Kevin admitted that Valentina is very connected to Nick. Obviously, he’s going for the favourite uncle title. Nick would post photos of Valentina with sweet captions like “my everything” and “my precious niece.” Of course, Joe isn’t going down without a fight. Most recently, he took his nieces to Saturday Night Live and other cool events to show how cool of an uncle he is.

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As if things couldn’t get any better, the girls got two new aunties. Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra joined the Jonas family, and they’re also obsessed with the girls. Valentina was a little apprehensive about Chopra, as she loves her uncle Nick so much. Eventually, the girls grew to love the time they get to spend with their aunties.

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