New Study Finds Blood Test Can Detect Gestational Diabetes As Early As 10 Weeks Into Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes, which some women develop while pregnant, may now be able to be identified as early as ten weeks into pregnancy.

While modern medicine has cured a great number of diseases and helped with many others, there are still some things that have no cure. The likes of cancer, HIV, and diabetes. That last one is particularly tricky. While those with diabetes can manage their condition with insulin and a proper diet, science has yet come up with a permanent fix.

There are obviously two types of diabetes, handily named type 1 and type 2, the first of which has no clear cause while type 2 is normally brought about by a poor diet. Either way, it results in one's pancreas not producing insulin which means that the body is unable to self-regulate its blood-sugar level. What you might not know, however, is that there is actually a third type of diabetes.


It's called gestational diabetes and it occurs in pregnant women. While it doesn't normally remain after the baby is born, it can have some pretty serious effects while it's around. As detailed by Health Day, it can increase the mother's risk of pregnancy-related high blood pressure disorders, cesarean delivery, as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes later on.

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Women normally aren't tested for gestational diabetes until somewhere between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy, however, a new study has discovered a test that seems to be able to detect the disease as early as the tenth week. The study revealed that the 107 women who developed gestational diabetes had higher HbA1c levels (a test used to look for type 2 diabetes) in early pregnancy than the 214 women who did not.

Not only does this potentially mean that gestational diabetes will be able to be detected far earlier, but it also means doctors will be able to treat it very differently. Catching it as early as the tenth week of pregnancy will mean treating it via changes in lifestyle and diet rather than something more drastic or invasive. On top of everything else, it may prove to be one less thing for moms-to-be to worry about, and that is always welcomed.


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