A New Trend Of Rockin’ Lullabies

There is a new trend happening when it comes to baby lullabies. It sounds interesting. Apparently, there are a slew of rock songs being turned into lullabies for parents to sing to their little ones.

According to Thrillist, there is a new bizarre business where hit rock songs are turned into lullabies for babies. Songs from heavy metals bands such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Tool are being decelerated and marimbafied for the ears of infants. The new trend is gaining so much ground there is a special station for Rock Lullabies on Spotify and Youtube, specializing in songs from those 0- 9 months,

Rockabye Baby Music is a company devoted entirely to the new genre of baby songs. The website has a slew of different stations, such as Beastie Boys, Sublime, and Blink 182 just to name a few options. For a specific fee, parents can get access to these rock lullabies to either sing to their little ones or simply play for them. The company has also been used in helping ad agencies find a certain type of lullaby for commercials.

Using rock lullabies is not just for putting a child to sleep. Along with being featured in commercials, this type of song has also been used for various TV shows. Over the last two years, several shows have used this genre of music during certain segments. One example of this includes USA's Mr. Robot, which used Green Day's ‘Basket Case’. It was produced by another label imprint called Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star and used in the shows second season.

There are a few different brands that have started turning rock songs into various rock lullabies. Although it hasn’t necessary caught on yet, a trend is definitely forming. The interest is growing, especially as these new tunes are used for TV, movies, and commercials. It is not necessarily the first kind of music one thinks of to sing to a baby... but it is intriguing. After all, the rock and roll fans out there should have their own type of songs to sing to their little ones, right?

What do you think about the rock lullabies trend that is starting to gain traction?

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