New Weighted Sleep Sack Lets Babies Sleep Better By Mimicking Parents’ Hand On Back

The Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack helps babies sleep because it mimics a parent’s hand resting on their back. As a parent, making sure your baby gets enough sleep is a constant worry. Whether it be singing a nursery rhyme over and over again or non-stop back pats, one would do anything to put their child to sleep. With this sleep sack, maybe bed time won’t be as stressful.

Getting your baby to sleep can cause some real stress. Sometimes, the second you stop rubbing their back or singing a song, their eyes pop open and they’re awake again. Especially for those parents who have to move at a snail’s pace in order to put their baby in the crib, a weighted sleep sack could be a useful tool to have.

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The Zen Sack is like a wearable blanket that has a built-in weight. For each size, the weight is distributed in different areas to accommodate the different stages of movement the baby is in. The sizes for babies 12 months and under have the weight concentrated in an oval on the baby’s chest. They mimic the touch of a parent’s comforting hand. For the sacks for older babies, the weight is evenly distributed across the chest. To make it seem like the hand is on the baby’s back, you can simply reverse the sack.

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Putting your baby in a weighted sack seems dangerous, but manufacturers reassure parents that the product is safe. On their website, the company states that the weight is light and flexible enough that it will nearly flatten underneath the baby if they decide to roll over. The body-weight ratio of the sacks is 1:10, and this was recommended by physiotherapists. Depending on the size bought, the weights won’t be more than five ounces.

While the product is an exciting prospect, it’s important to note that each baby is different. For some, it could be the key to better sleep for both the baby and the parents. Other babies may not enjoy it, and it won’t help with the late-night crying. The Nested Bean’s “cuddle effect” may not work for all, and some babies may only want to be cuddled by a real person.

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