Five New Year's Resolutions For Every Mom

With only days left in this year, I’ve decided it’s time to come up with a few resolutions. In 2018, I resolved to lift up women in my life. Instead of the typical “lose weight and exercise more” New Year’s Resolutions, let’s strive for the important stuff of life.

Spend Less Time On The Internet

Put down the phone, mom! Via NY Daily News

I don’t mean forever! During the last quarter of the year, I had on-and-off phone problems that kept me “offline” for sometimes days at a time. During those days, I did more around the house - and with my kids - than I ever had before! It didn’t take long to pick up on the benefits of being away from the crush of social media. I was less anxious, I had more hours in my day. Because I was more relaxed, my kids were more cooperative. Everyone wins when mom puts down the phone!

Have More Patience With Your Kids

I’ll probably be making this resolution every year with not much progress; patience is not strong-suit. Every parent could use a little more patience! If not for our children’s sake, for our own sanity. Growing a longer fuse means your home will be more peaceful. Kids pick up on that kind of attitude change! What you demonstrate your kids will mirror!

Clean Less, Cuddle Your Babies More

Cuddle that baby! Via ThinkStock

2018 was a year of learning how to adult in bigger ways, how to keep up with the chaos of two kids, and how to care for a whole home. I’ve had a focus on cleaning and organizing our home to make our lives more workable. If our living room is cleaner, it can facilitate more living, right? But how many hours have I been doing dishes instead of hugging my son? I almost missed my daughter’s first steps because I was organizing toys! In 2019, I want to spend less of my time picking up stuff and more time picking up my kids.

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Parents

A wise woman once told me, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This has rung true throughout my time as a parent. If I focus on my own family, what my kids can accomplish, and what we share - my outlook is bright and shiny! But once I take my eyes off of what we have, and start eyeing what others have - that’s when things get ugly. Jealousy isn’t a good look on anyone! And you’re doing fine, mama. Don’t worry about that other mom over there, and don't compare yourself to her. 

Make Simple Moments Magical For Your Babies

Get amazed with your babies. Via Strong Automotive

Even the simplest moments with kids can become special memories! Because the whole world is new to them, our children see the magic and beauty in the littlest things. If we choose to slow down, be patient, and spend time with our attention devoted to them - we can see that magic ourselves, too.

Next year, I vow to be a better mom than I was this year. Each change I make, I feel like maybe this is the year! Maybe this is the year that I become the mom I have always wanted to be! And even if 2019 isn’t that year, I’ll be that much closer. Progress - not perfection. Happy New Year, mama! May all your New Year's Resolutions bring you joy in 2019!

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