Lucky New Year's Babies Get Lots Of Gifts - Just For Being First

Happy New Year, mama! I hope you had a great time ringing in the New Year with those you love. Somewhere, some other mama was sweating and groaning her way through labor until that midnight countdown! That’s right; when the rest of us were partying it up, some woman was pushing out a baby. It might seem like no fun at all to be in labor on a holiday. Everyone else gets to enjoy their time with loved ones; that mom gets to time her contractions. Don’t fret; there is an upside! The very first baby born in a given year becomes that year’s New Year’s Baby! And New Year’s Babies get all the best stuff. No, really!

Who Is The New Year’s Baby?

Congrats to the happy parents of this year's Cayuga County New Year's Baby! Via Auburn Pub

Each city has their own “New Year’s Baby”, or the first baby born in the New Year. Some large cities with multiple hospitals even have babies born so closely, it’s difficult to know who truly arrived first. Even still, that “New Year’s Baby” will frequently get a feature story in the local newspaper. Their parents will be interviewed and photographed hours after birth, and some parents even choose to publish birth statistics!

Back in 1999, everything related to The New Year was an even bigger deal - it was a New Millenium, too! Babies born first in 2000 were eligible for some extremely lavish gifts. Certain stores even sold a special “Millenium Conception Kit”, designed to help couples conceive with perfect timing. The lucky parents of the much-anticipated "Global Millenium Baby" really raked in the rewards!

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What Are The Odds Of Having A New Year’s Baby?

Whoever it is, that baby sure is lucky! Via Davis Medical Center

New Year’s Babies are considered extremely lucky - and for good reason! The odds of being born within the first minute of a year are pretty similar to the odds of being struck by lightning. Wow! Some even try to conceive during specific days of the year to ensure their baby is born on January 1st. The best-laid plans, right? What happens if laboring moms can’t just hold that baby in until the ball drops? They’ll still get a tax break, I guess!

New Years Babies Get Really Cool Bonuses

New Year’s babies are said to have great luck throughout their entire lives - and that good fortune must start from day one! Most New Year’s babies are lavished with attention. The hospital might issue a special announcement or the family could be interviewed by a reporter for print or TV news. Some hospitals include a gift package for the special little one! Cribs, bottles, and gift cards for local food delivery are popular rewards. Other organizations even give away strollers!

Look at all those gifts! Via Cary Medical Center

Eleven years ago, the late Toys ‘R’ Us (Rest In Peace) sponsored a “First Baby Of The Year Sweepstakes”. Parents entered for a chance to win based exclusively on the date and time of birth. The winning baby received a $25,000 savings bond! Would you rather have that savings bond or deep stock of poop-catchers? Diapers.com focused its love on New York City babies. The first-born of 2015 received a whole year’s worth of disposable diapers - and the family got a free cab ride home from the hospital!

I never knew that being the first...by accident, basically...was so rewarding! It seems New Year’s Babies really are as lucky as they say!

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