Five Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Your Baby

New Year’s Eve is notoriously debaucherous; drinking, dancing late into the night, a mandated kiss at the stroke of midnight! Nobody serves Banana Puree in champagne flutes because nobody expects babies to celebrate New Year’s. But how could you include your kids in the celebration? Is there an age-appropriate way to ring in 2019 with a toddler? Yes! Even kids can get in on the fun of new beginnings in a New Year.

Countdown To Noon Year's Eve

This confetti blast is a Noon Year's Eve celebration at the Please Touch Me Museum in Philadelphia. Via Visit Philly

Most young kids don’t stay up until midnight on the regular. While New Year’s Eve can be really exciting, it can also be very overwhelming for a little one. If your baby is able to hold out until midnight, chances are they won’t do it peacefully! Expect some crazy tantrums from an overtired toddler. Maybe a better option is to have a Noon Year’s Eve celebration instead! Countdown until 12 o’clock with the kids and cheers to a new year of fun over lunch! Moving the party to the daytime means kids will be in a better mood, parents can enjoy evening fun, and nobody misses out.

Have A Balloon Drop Instead Of Confetti

New Year's Eve at noon sounds great to me! Via Chronicle Illinois

If you’ve ever watched a NYE Countdown at Times Square, you’ll notice lots of confetti, streamers, and balloons! Something about a balloon makes it the perfect addition to any celebration! Maybe it’s the buoyancy? Only something filled with hope and the promise of new beginnings would float like that! Balloon drops are easier to pull off than you might think! Just buy packs of balloons - no helium needed - and throw a “blow-up” party with other parents the morning of your event. At the stroke of midnight (or noon!), release all the balls from above your crowd of kids. It’s a baby-friendly version of confetti that makes great photo opportunities, too!

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Use New Year's Sparklers With Adult Supervision

Sparkle your way into the New Year. Via Express And Star

For older kids, you may be able to venture into sparkler territory. Yes, sparklers and fireworks are fun on NYE - but they most definitely require adult supervision! Maybe your toddler can hold the sparkler with your hand “helping” to hold it! Or if they might be a little too grabby with the fire-stick, try a sparkler display instead! Stick those sparklers in your food for an extra fun twist. Cupcake towers with sparklers deliver quite a bang! Snow makes a beautiful backdrop; it reflects the glow of the sparkler’s light. Could anything be more quintessentially NYE?

Eat Lucky Foods To Welcome The New Year

Or try some cute edible sparklers! Via Goodtimes

I’m a sucker for seasonal foods! Over the New Year's holidays many like to indulge in "lucky" foods! A few months ago, I learned that the American South has a unique New Year’s traditional dish called “hoppin’ john”. It’s black eyed peas with bacon, served alongside greens and cornbread. Southerners say, “peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold.” Eating the dish is said to bring your good fortune in the New Year. In Greece, families hurl a pomegranate against their door at midnight. The more it seeds spill out, the more good luck and fertility the family will have in the New Year. Do you think your toddler will appreciate a pomegranate as a party favor

Let Your Toddler Stay Up Until Midnight

Isn't the New Year's mascot a baby anyway? Via She Knows

Yes, I just suggested you have a Noon Year’s Eve at midday. But what could be more fun than staying up late with the grown-ups?!?! If you are willing to parent all evening and deal with meltdowns the next day, go for it! Let your kid stay up late. I’ve certainly let my kid stay up past midnight before. Ok, let’s be honest - he refused to sleep although I was trying to make bedtime happen! Midnight on New Year’s Eve would be a fun way to include your kids in all the festivities. Godspeed to you for an easy January 1st if you decide to risk the overtired toddler.

However you decide to celebrate the New Year together, I hope your kids love it! Don’t forget to ask your toddler what their New Year’s Resolution is! And let’s all resolve to be the best parents we can be in 2019.

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