Pregnancy Announcement Goes Undelivered On NYE, Found By Nightclub Owners After Midnight

There's no shortage of ways to reveal to your partner that you're pregnant. While some women choose a more direct approach - such as announcing the big news face-to-face, others opt for a slightly more creative and indirect way to spill the beans.

Whether it's donning cute (and telling!) t-shirts to get the message across, getting assistance from a family pet or an older sibling to share the news, or surprising them with an impromptu photo shoot with a very revealing sign, there's really no wrong answer.

That is, of course, unless your plan goes array - much like it did for a UK woman on New Year's Eve. After cleaning staff found a note written for her partner Josh on the floor of a Nottingham night club the morning after a big New Year's Eve bash, the internet began piecing together just what happened - and the hunt has been on for the mystery couple ever since.

It appears that Sarah, who did not accompany Josh to the party, intended for him to open the letter at midnight.


"There's a reason I couldn't come with you tonight," Sarah wrote. "I've asked this letter to be given to you at midnight."

Unfortunately, whoever was tasked with delivering the very important note to Josh did not come through, as the sealed envelope discovered the next morning very clearly demonstrated. Had Josh read the letter that night, he would have been hit with some incredible news - he was going to be a dad!

"I hope when you read this you’ll be filled with joy - the question is, girl or boy?" Sarah rhymed.

In hopes of finding Josh, the nightclub posted the letter in its entirety on its Facebook page, admitting that staff opened the letter and wanted to know what everyone else would soon be asking as well: does Josh know?

Comments soon flooded in, with many users congratulating the couple and virtually patting Sarah on the back for her clever reveal. Others with the same moniker cheekily took credit for either being Josh or Sarah, but some users found the method of alerting Josh to the pregnancy news a little misguided.

"I personally would not write a letter for my man to read announcing my pregnancy while he's smashed at midnight," one user said. Others tried to get #findjosh trending.

As of today, the mystery couple still has not been tracked down - so the question remains: do Josh and Sarah actually exist, or was it a carefully crafted PR stunt by the nightclub? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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