New York Baby In Stroller Fatally Struck By Car Alongside Her Mother

Trigger warning: Child death.

Accidents happen. They're a regular occurrence of life that happen more often than not. Some are minor- such as forgetting to take your child to a certain place or losing their favourite toy at the grocery store. But there are many more that are more severe and devastating. One such example of this is shaking your baby in a feeble attempt to stop them from crying. But there's also one example of an accident that hurts and kills many people around the world- car accidents.

In the Bronx- located within New York City, New York- a driver jumped the crib and hit a baby in a stroller, killing the infant. The one-year-old baby girl was identified as Djeneba Magassam. She was with her mother, whose identity has yet to be revealed when the accident occurred. At around 4PM local time, the mom was walking with her daughter- who was sitting in her stroller- when they were struck on the sidewalk near East 215th Street and White Plains Road in Williamsbridge.

According to witnesses, the driver lost control of his white BMW SUV and then hit the mother and child. The now disabled vehicle remained in place, pinning the stroller and the child subsequently. Good Samaritans immediately rushed over to help the mother and push the wrecked SUV away from the pinned child. But it appears as though the infant had died upon impact, hopefully not suffering at any point. Both mother and daughter were rushed to the hospital, where the baby was declared dead on arrival.

via New York Post


The driver responsible for causing this tragic accident was identified as 22-year-old Kier Boneparte of Staten Island, another borough in New York City, New York. He was taken into custody by police at the scene of the crime. He's currently facing charges of reckless driving, motor vehicle failed to yield to pedestrian causing injury, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and driving without a license.

As of now, Boneparte has yet to be charged with anything. He's still being held and questioned by police for his actions. Interestingly, Boneparte was given multiple sobriety tests after the accident but was never charged with a DUI or any other drunk driving-related offenses. Police haven't revealed whether or not he was or wasn't drunk at the time of the incident.

The investigation is still underway at this time. It will take a while before we see if Boneparte is held accountable for this fatal accident. Until then, our thoughts are with baby Djeneba, her mother and their extended family.

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