New York City Cops Delivered A Baby In Manhattan

After all the bashing that cops have been getting in the news and on social media in the United States, finally here's a good news story concerning those boys in blue.

Two patrol officers with the New York City Police Department delivered more than justice on Monday. They also happened to deliver a baby girl. It all started happening when officers responded to a 911 distress call around 8 a.m. from a woman who was in labor and wasn't likely to reach a hospital in time.

When Officer Stephen Koustoubardis got the call, they were working in the city's Upper East Side and were in the right place at the right time. They were already being flagged by the woman's husband who was positioned on the driver's side of their vehicle and was already in the process of delivering the baby.


The man, who was panicking, obligingly stepped aside to let Koustoubardis take over. While the 911 dispatcher was calming down the husband via phone, Koustoubardis managed to deliver the baby in about five minutes.

The officers and the couple were greatly relieved that the baby emerged into the world alright, but didn't feel totally secure about the situation until the newborn was examined at a hospital in Murray Hill. Both the mother and the baby, since named Claire, are reportedly doing well. So is the father, who is reportedly less anxious, but still grateful for the help provided by the police and dispatcher.

It was the first time Koustoubardis and Officer Vincent Chiang have ever been involved in an emergency birth situation. While Koustoubardis has been a patrolman for roughly eight years, Chiang is still a rookie finishing his eighth month on the job.

With the happy incident taking place on April 1, the officers at the time had no idea how they were going to share the story with their friends and families, feeling that it would be treated by them as an April Fool's Day joke. But it's one they'll gladly take in stride.

"It feels fantastic, a natural high feeling of being happy in life," Koustoubardis said.

But then, think about Claire and what she'll be going through when she gets older. The fact that she was born on April Fool's Day alone is enticing enough to get a humorous response. But cops responding to her mother's labor situation? Considering what cops deal with every day, no doubt law enforcers would gladly like to deal with this instance that's the total opposite of breaking-and-entering.

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