New York Mom In The Process Of Suing Doula After Reportedly Giving Baby Formula

New York mother is suing her Doula after the Doula fed the mother's baby formula!

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A Doula is usually a trained professional who provides women with emotion,informational and physical support through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. Doula's will not have any medical training, or any formal licencing. Doula's are strictly there to support the mother's through the birthing process. Many moms even ask their friends who have given birth before to support them through their labor and delivery.

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Lynn Wojton decided to hire a professional Doula who would help her through the labor and delivery process. She chose to hire Marcia Chase-Marshall. After giving birth, Chase-Marshall was awake with the little baby. The baby woke up and needed to eat. Instead of waking of the mother, Wojton, Chase-Marshall decided to feed the little baby formula. Chase-Marshall fed the infant three times with a formula filled bottle.

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We are not sure how Wojton found out that her baby was fed the formula, but she was furious. She could not believe that the Doula fed her child the formula. She did not want her child to ever eat formula, she wanted her baby to only eat breastmilk. Wojton could not believe that this woman took things into her own hands and fed the baby the formula just because it was the easiest. This is not what Wojton wanted when she hired a Doula. She thought the Doula was supposed to be there to support the mother in her decisions for the baby.

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Wojton decided to file a law suit against Chase-Marshall for $10,000. Wojton said that she cried for over an hour after she figured out that her baby was given the formula. She said that whenever she thinks about the experience she will get upset all over again! Chase-Marshall has not admitted to giving the baby the formula and she refused to make a statement when interviewed.

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