New York State Appeals Court Rules That's It's Fine To Spank

Recently a father was brought to court on the counts of spanking and abusing his 8 year old son “by inflicting excessive corporal punishment.” 

The spanking incident happened in 2012, after his son used a swear work at a friend's party. The father admits he spanked his son but denies using a belt. A ruling on Wednesday by the Appellate Division agreed that spanking “was a reasonable use of force." A panel of 4 all agreed and ruled unanimously. This is not the first time that a situation like this has happened. Last year, in California, it was decided that a woman would not be labeled as a child abuser after she had spanked her 12 year old with a wooden spoon. Also in Florida, it was decided that spanking would not equal domestic violence. 

I think there will always be lots of controversy on this topic. 

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