How To Help A Newborn Adjust To The World Outside The Womb

When it comes to giving birth, a lot of us are understandably preoccupied with helping ourselves make the huge leap into parenthood. We've read all the books, baby-proofed the house, bought all of the diapers and are ready to take that giant step - but what about our babies? Being born is an incredibly stressful experience for them, too. They've been safely nurtured inside mom's womb for 9 whole months, with everything they need given to them without having to ask for it. Suddenly, they're in the world and it's pretty scary - not least because 90's fashion is back. So, what can we do to make their transition a little easier?

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Swaddling goes a long way. It might sound old-fashioned but trust us - swaddling really works. Wrapping your little one up tightly in a blanket so that their arms and legs and confined helps them feel safe, like they're back inside mom's tummy again. Use 100% jersey cotton as the elasticity in the material lets them have a good wiggle, while also applying enough pressure to recreate that womb-like feeling. Make sure that you look up how to safely swaddle your baby, though - doing it wrong can cause problems.

Play some white noise. There's a lot to be said for white noise. Some adults find that it calms them down, and it's definitely a plus for babies, too. The gentle hum of static reminds them once more of the womb, and the constant swirl of liquids and other sounds, like the vibration of mom talking. Blood flows through the arteries at high speeds when you're growing a baby too, so replaying them a soundtrack that sounds familiar might just get you that much-needed night's sleep.

Wear your baby. Many midwives emphasize the importance of skin-on-skin contact with the baby as soon as they're born, as it's a great bonding experience for mama and child. The newborn gets to feel the texture of mom's skin, while mom gets to marvel at what she's created. Getting a baby sling and wearing your child rather than always pushing them in a pram is a great way to strengthen that parent-child relationship, and the feeling of closeness will go a long way in terms of calming your baby. They'll be able to feel the gentle sway of your movements, hear your heartbeat and feel your breathing. It's a beautiful experience for both of you. Just make sure you use a sling or carrier that's properly fitted to save yourself from back pain and to keep little one safely positioned.


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