Newborn Baby Girl Found In Maryland Woods, Mother Located

A newborn baby girl was abandoned in the woods and the mother was found at the hospital receiving care for delivering the baby.

Even though almost every single state has Safe Haven Laws, parents still feel the need to abandon their babies in random locations instead of bringing them to a safe place. Maryland is one of the states that allows parents to drop off a baby at any fire station, hospital or police station without any questions asked! The baby has to be a newborn and can't be harmed, but the parent will not face any consequences if they drop off a healthy baby to a safe haven location.

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On Friday, August 16, a newborn baby girl was found in Silver Spring, Maryland.  A man was taking a walk near 10000 block of Tenbrook Drive at about 5 p.m. The man said that he had heard a baby crying and he went to go look to make sure everything was okay. The man found the baby and immediately called the police. Paramedics showed up and they said that the little baby was only born a few hours before she was found. The police began investigating the situation around the baby and began looking for the mother.


The mother had just checked into the hospital to get care after delivering her child. She was found and she was receiving care. The baby was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. The baby is under the care of child protective services. Police aren't quite sure why the woman wouldn't have just delivered the baby at the hospital and then handed the baby over to the nurses. She would have been able to deliver her baby in the comfort of the hospital and then her daughter could have been monitored by medical professionals and received the immediate care that she needed. The mother could have also given away her baby under the safe haven rule without needing any explanation as to why she was giving up her baby girl. The mother will be facing charges for abandoning her child once she has been cleared from the hospital.

Police are once again urging parents to not abandon their babies. Most states protect parents by the Safe Haven laws where the mother can drop off the baby at any Safe Haven location (hospital, fire station, or police station) with no questions asked.

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