Woman Reportedly Hands Newborn Baby To Stranger At Disney World

Walt Disney World is full of surprises and wonder, but one woman got a whole lot more shock and surprise than she bargained for when she was suddenly handed a live newborn baby by a stranger while on her Disney vacation!

For one Disney guest, the most magical place on Earth became the most shocking and disturbing place on Earth because of a random incident in the night.

The woman, who was on the Disney luxury property, Animal Kingdom Lodge, was suddenly handed a newborn baby around 2 a.m. by another woman. The shocked guest, who now had someone else's infant in her arms, entered the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby and informed them that she had just been handed a child by a lady who then simply walked away. The incident took place in a parking garage on the Disney property where a lady out smoking a cigarette was suddenly handed a newborn baby wrapped up in a bloody towel. The little one still had the umbilical cord attached to it!

Well, that is most certainly a vacation twist!

Firefighters and authorities were immediately called to the scene, and the infant was then taken away to a local hospital for an examination. The mystery baby is reportedly in overall, good condition. With the newborn's health stable and squared away, the million dollar question remained, who on Earth decided to hand their baby over to a Disney-loving stranger and then disappear into the night?

The mother, whose name has not been released as of yet, was tracked down and she is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation and treatment at a nearby facility. Clearly, she has some issues that need a bit of resolving. Women in Florida can legally relinquish their newborn babies to personnel at a hospital, fire station or medical service station within the first seven days of their infant's life without any legal recourse. New mothers are NOT permitted to drop their babies off with Disney guests smoking in parking garages in the dead of night, however.

Here is to hoping that the baby finds a safe and loving home in the near future and that her biological mother gets the mental help that she evidently needs.


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