Newborn Baby Rescued From Certain Death By A Homeless Man

It's a tale that is more haunting than any Halloween horror story you will hear this time of year.

Recently, a homeless man in Nizhnekamsk, Russia was rooting around a dumpster looking for a bite to eat when he heard a faint moaning sound coming from beneath the piles of filth and grime. He assumed the noise was coming from an unwanted kitten or puppy but decided nonetheless to take a closer look and see what animal might be making such a distressing sound.

Thank goodness his curiosity got the best of him because what he found was a five-pound newborn girl in the skip. The infant was a mere three hours old and wrapped in a plastic bag, near certain death in the frigid and falling temperatures. Evgeny Khodyrev acted fast, called the police and ambulance services to the grisly scene wrapped the shivering bundle up in his tattered overcoat until help arrived. Just like that the fifty-year-old man has gone from homeless to hero. He is being credited for saving the infant girl's life with his quick thinking as well as being in the right place at the right time.


Khodyrev didn't stop there though. The man with nearly nothing decided to stop by the local hospital where the baby was receiving medical treatment so that he could deliver a baby blanket to her.

Who would do such a vile thing?

It turned out that the mother of the baby was a 29-year-old woman who was already struggling to care for the two children that she already had. The woman suspected of dumping the baby later told police that she had not even realized she was expecting until she delivered the baby at home. Police used CCTV to locate her, and on the footage captured, you can see the subject in question carrying something small out to the garbage in a bucket. Security cameras also caught the infant's mother buying booze just moments after she deposited her daughter in the trash bin.

With such a traumatic and dismal start to life, we can only hope this little girl finds her way into the home and hearts of a loving family who can give her a chance at love and life. Perhaps someday she will grow up and be able to save the man who is credited with being her guardian angel.


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