Newborn Fights To Survive After "Beaten By Mother Who Left To Go On Date"

Trigger: Mentions of assault on a child. Contains disturbing images.

Having a baby is hard in a number of ways. It's not just giving birth that's hard; raising a baby is even more difficult because it lasts way longer than labour ever could. But some new moms miss their old life. They miss it so much that they'll stop at nothing to do whatever they want- even if their baby suffers.

In Rivine, Ukraine, a newborn baby boy is fighting for his life after his mother "beat him up" and then "left to go on a date". The baby, identified only as Mykyta, was discovered by a neighbour named Tetiana Prymak. She entered his room to check on him because his 19-year-old mother hadn't been home. What she discovered horrified her to her core and prompted her to call emergency services.


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"When we entered the room we saw Mykyta in his crib. His right eye was black. His nose was blocked with baked blood and he was barely breathing. We started changing his clothes and saw black bruises all over his body," Prymak revealed.

"The boy is in a serious life-threatening condition. We suspect that his skull is fractured but we cannot examine it now. I have never seen a baby in such a terribly neglected state. I think his mother has never changed his clothes nor used diapers. His skin is in awful condition," explained Mykhailo Kulik, Head of the Intensive Care Unit.


Mykyta's mother, who remains unidentified in the media, was taken into police custody when she returned from her date. She told officers that her son's injuries were caused by a "cold draft", and that she never laid a hand on him. But police continue to look at the mother for battery and failure to fulfill parental duties. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison. She remains in custody as of now.

As for baby Mykyta, he's still fighting for life at this moment. Due to his 27-year-old father (who's not been named) wanting nothing to do with him, the newborn will be taken in by social services when he's released from the hospital. But for now, everyone is rooting for this baby boy to make a full recovery.

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