We Want To See The Newborn But Forget About Mom

I love babies. There is just something amazing about seeing a newborn baby. They even have the newborn smell that is to die for and every mom and dad know what I am talking about. When you see a newborn baby you just want to snuggle them. I want to hold all of the babies. Right after mom gives birth you want to learn everything about the baby. You ask how the baby is sleeping, how much the baby weighs, you tell mom the baby is beautiful and some people go off on who the baby looks like. Very few people ask how mom is doing.

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I remember after I had my first baby I just really wanted people to ask how I was doing but they wouldn't. I had a 4th-degree tear and I was in so much pain and yet I kept on being told how cute my baby was and how lucky I was. I mean, I was lucky, and I knew he was cute. I had just pushed a 10-pound baby out of my body and it seemed like nobody cared about all of my hard work! I had people show up unannounced and ask if I wanted them to hold the baby so I could get something done around the house. Are you kidding me? No, I want to hold the baby while you do something for me. People would come and bring presents for the baby as if he cared about their presents.

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I feel like we sometimes forget about what mom did to get the little baby into this world. People are so happy and in love with the little baby, they forget about the pain that mom had to endure. This past pregnancy I threw up for 20 weeks and then I started peeing blood. I peed blood for three months and they finally did surgery and they found kidney stones and my kidneys were trying to go into renal failure. I had to spend about 2 weeks in the hospital. Oh, and I had three kids at home so my husband and my parents had to help me out. I worked really hard for my daughter. When people started meeting her they never asked how I was healing, how I was doing, or anything. I got a lot of people offering to hold my baby though. Did everybody forget that she almost killed me?

After having four children I have realized that people just are so interested in the cute little tiny human that they forget about mom. I refuse to ever forget about mom and the next time I see a new mom I am going to ignore her baby and only ask how she is doing! Trust me, the baby won't care if you ignore them.

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