Newborn Helps Her Father Propose To Her Mother In The Cutest Way Possible

Skyler-Grace Broadhead was just a few hours old when she helped her daddy propose to her mommy.

Skyler-Grace was given a little white onesie to help with the proposal. The newborn outfit read, “Mummy, will you marry daddy?” The words were written in bold black letters accompanied by a little red heart.

Little Skyler-Grace was born on August 15th, 2018 in the Pinderfields Hospital located in West Yorkshire. Skyler-Grace's father, Aaron Broadhead, 22, decided that using his brand new daughter to propose would be very cute and romantic. When Skyler-Grace was born Broadhead quickly grabbed his baby and put her in the custom-made onesie.

Broadhead had been planning to propose to his girlfriend, Emily Barker, 18, since she was around 28 weeks pregnant. According to EXPRESS, “he was very nervous, because a proposal was a big deal." He was nervous but excited to ask the love of his life to marry him. He knew proposing with his new daughter was the best way.

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Broadhead excitedly watched his baby enter into this world.  Right after she was born Skyler-Grace was taken from Barker to be given a bath. Broadhead jumped on the opportunity and took his baby girl to dress her in the adorable outfit. He was nervous when he bought the onesie because he was afraid she wasn't going to fit into it. Thankfully Skyler-Grace was born a healthy weight at 6lbs 9oz and she fit into the piece perfectly. Barker happily said yes to the heartfelt proposal. Barker said “it was the happiest day of my life. I couldn’t believe it. It made Skyler-Grace’s birth extra special.” The staff at Pinderfields hospital were totally shocked and excited about the new couple. Broadhead’s proposal was the first time any of them had experienced an engagement at the hospital. It was a wonderful experience for everybody.


Broadhead wanted his proposal to be a surprise and to catch his girlfriend off guard. He certainly did just that! Barker was completely shocked and she was very excited about the proposal. Not only did she get a beautiful baby girl, but she also was able to get a handsome fiancé.

Little baby Skyler-Grace is such a lucky little girl to be able to have a mother and a father who love each other and love her so much. Best of luck to the Broadhead family and the beautiful life that they have created!

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