Mom Reads Post About 'Newborn Kissing Rule' And It Saves Daughter's Life

A Texas mother came across a post about the dangers of kissing newborns and it saved her daughter's life!

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Ashley Pool, a Texas mother, shared her experience with the "no kissing rule" and how reading about another mother's tragedy of losing their daughter to a deadly virus saved her own child. Ashley came across Presley Trejo's post. Trejo shared her devastating journey of losing their daughter, Emerson,  at only 12 days old. One of Trejo's family, or friends kissed Emerson and she contracted  HSV-1 virus it is the Herpes Simplex Virus. This virus has almost no effect on adults, but it can (and has) killed babies. If babies get this virus, and they are not treated immediately, they will die. The virus quickly shut down Emerson's organs and attacked her brain. Little Emerson was not strong enough to fight off the virus and slowly died. Trejo shared with the world about their tragic loss in hopes it might save another child's life.

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Ashley Pool saw this devastating post and it made her push for the diagnosis of her daughter Reagan. Due to Ashley's push for the diagnosis, Reagan was properly diagnosed. Ashley's quick thinking, and Trejo's raw post, saved little Reagan. Reagan is now four months old and is still taking antibiotics trying to fight off the virus, but she is alive!

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Ashley and Trejo are pleading desperately to STOP KISSING BABIES THAT ARE NOT YOURS! Even if the baby is a family member, or a friend, DO NOT KISS THEM. As a parent you may hear many excuses of why a particular person "has the right" to kiss your baby. Stand up to them and don't let anybody kiss your baby. Don't be afraid to hurt feelings. Do not be afraid to embarrass somebody. Don't even be afraid to tell your mother-in-law not to kiss your baby. The herpes virus can be transferred to babies in a way that has been labeled as "the kiss of death."

Many adults can be carrying the virus without even having symptoms and so when they kiss the baby they have no idea that are giving babies infected kisses. Just STOP kissing babies. Trejo said that her daughter started getting sick, but they had no idea what was wrong. They just assumed she had a very common cold, or virus. However, by the time that they diagnosed her with the herpes virus she had already renal and kidney failure. She started having seizures that led to her daughter being brain dead. Trejo said she watched her daughter die a slow and painful death. All because somebody kissed her baby who was infected with the virus. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT KISS BABIES!

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