This Newborn Photo Is A Touching Tribute To A Twin Who Died In The Womb

The cute photo of newborn Leti with her twin, speaks volume on how a baby's absence can be cherished through a frame for lifelong.

For Heather Bowman, the journey of 9-month's pregnancy wasn't an easy one at all. At 36, in spite of being alone and suffering from a rare disease, she had been deterred on cherishing the beauty of motherhood. And, today she is an inspiration to all those mommies who have suffered from pregnancy loss.

After losing her unborn twins in 2017, she was informed that she was suffering from an uncommon critical condition known as "unicornuate uterus" - a uterine malformation which left her born with just half a uterus, one ovary, and a single Fallopian tube.

Bowman said, "The diagnosis was frightening for me, but my reproductive endocrinologist was absolutely confident that regardless of my previous outcomes, I absolutely could carry a baby to term ... so I continued on my journey.”

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After rounds of IUI and IVF, she was finally blessed with the good news of conceiving twins. But, the joy was not to last for long, as in the 17th week she got to know that her son had passed away in the womb. While she was grief-stricken, she knew she had to be strong for her daughter whose heartbeat was still up and running.

On February 12, 2019, she gave birth to the perfect child, Leti who had two small birthmarks on her forehead, which looked like two tiny footprints. "To me they are her brother's stamp that he is watching over her, his little footprints to note that he will always be with her," Bowman says.

She knew from that very first moment that her unborn son James have already become a part of their lives and she wanted Leti too to know about him. And, when she contacted Jessica Young and spoke to her about her journey, the photographer was touched and with her expertize she beautifully managed to frame Bowman’s emotions.

Young told TODAY, “I knew I wanted to do something special for her. I really liked the idea of weaving the blankets together … I thought it symbolized the bond between them.”

Since their initial discussion, Bowman knew that Jessica will do something to respect her emotions, but when she entered her studio on 27th February she was touched beyond words. The arrangement that the photographer had made with the swaddles and tiny pair of wings, was not just emotionally overwhelming, but out-rightly meaningful.

The mother has kept the middle name of her daughter James as a homage to her brother and she also adds, "We will always talk about him and celebrate his birthday as much as hers.” She wants her daughter to know how much she had wanted both of them, and how important he is to both of their lives.

Many women go through various life-threatening pregnancy complications and suffer the grief of losing their child in their womb – approximately 1 out of 100 pregnancies in the US each year is affected by stillbirth. But, people like Bowman are the true inspirations who motivates such women to dream of motherhood and achieve it with proper medical care and determination.

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