News 8 Meteorologist, Sam Kantrow, Welcomes Baby Boy

Sam Kantrow's wife just delivered a healthy baby boy!

News 8

New 8 Meteorologist, Sam Kantrow, met his wife, Melissa, in the most adorable way. He went on their first date to a pizza on November 16, 2015. Sam said that Melissa was very quick witted and he thought she was funny right off the bat. He met Melissa on a blind date that his friend set him up with. Sam thinks it's funny that he had 6 online dating subscriptions, but he met his wife through a friend. Sam proposed to Melissa on the beach with the help of their son. The photos were adorable. Their son was holding the ring with Sam and they both got down on one knee. Sam and Melissa were married on August 5, 2018. At the time they were pregnant with their first child together!

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Sam and Melissa delivered their first child together on April 22. He was a healthy 8 lb 6oz little baby boy. Both mom and baby boy are doing great! Sam says that they will not announce the name of their sweet little baby until the baby's Bris (circumcision).

News 8

Sam Kantrow joined the New 8 Storm Team in February 2011. First as a weather producer and web meteorologist for WTNH, and is now part of Storm Team 8's on-air crew. He worked his way up until he was able to have a sport on air. Sam fell in love with learning about the weather ever since he was a little boy and a tornado raged through his home town nearly missing his house. He started learning as much as he could about weather and storms. He said that he would always watch the news team when he was younger and he wished that he could be "in their shoes."

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Congratulations to the Kantrow family! We are so excited that you have officially become a family of four! We are very excited to receive more pictures and we hope to learn the name of the baby soon! Best of luck with the little baby and we hope that he continues to grow healthy and that Melissa is able to have a quick recovery.

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