'Baby Shark' LIVE Tour Dates To Be Announced In Early July

As parents, we're subjected to a ton of stuff that we don't necessarily like. Watching Frozen on repeat was bad enough, but we would rather listen to "Let it Go" for an eternity than suffer through another chorus of "Baby Shark."

The song has been haunting us for quite some time now, but kids love it. Worst of all, it's so catchy that we can't get away from it. Once you hear one line, you're suddenly singing them all. The cartoon family is slowly but surely taking the over the world. First, it was a TV series. Now, it's a live tour. Is there enough wine in the world to prepare you for this?

The bustling stage show is expected to hit up to 100 locations across the US and Canada, according to The Stir. If your kids are already asking you to buy tickets, then don't worry. You'll begrudgingly reach for your wallet come July 9th when the dates are officially announced. Promoters are calling it a one-of-a-kind musical experience - but that might not be a good thing for parents.

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Sure, we're supposed to want to see our kids happy and all that, but that doesn't mean we have to like what's going on. South Korean brand Pinkfong has partnered with Round Room Live, which is the mastermind behind the live PJ Masks tour. While you can expect the usual songs that drive you around the twist, it's educational, too. Young audiences will be treated to a bright spectacle that teaches them all about colours, numbers and everything else toddlers are interested in.

"Baby Shark" isn't the only song on the repertoire, either. Old favourites like "Five Little Monkeys" and "Wheels on the Bus" will assault - I mean, delight - your eardrums throughout the duration of the show.  If it sounds just like your idea of hell but your kids' idea of heaven, then you can book tickets through the website, BabySharkLive.com.

Sadly, it's unlikely that there will be an open bar at these events, but at least you won't be alone. Hundreds of other parents will be silently weeping into their Diet Cokes, too.

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