UPDATED: Dove Offers Personalized Baby Products Perfect For New Parents + Mini-Review

With word of the royal baby's birth popping up in newsstands, TV and online, people all around the world are talking about little baby Archie. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are beyond thrilled about their new addition and just like many other parents who are meeting their babies for the first time this month, baby care essentials are on their list of top priorities. Baby Dove has released a way of making those celebratory gifts and purchases all the more special with their new personalized Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and Rich Moisture Lotion.

With the baby's name printed on the bottle, you can be sure that the gift you're giving to that little bundle of joy is made just for them! Not only that but be confident in your gift giving knowing you're providing the baby with wash and lotion that is hypoallergenic and dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and pediatrician tested. To top that off, they are made without parabens, SLS, SLES, artificial colorants and phthalates.

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Gentle enough for newborns, the Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash is 'as gentle as water' and not only helps to retain skin's softness but helps baby's overall skin health with prebiotic moisture. Baby Dove believes that "bathtime should be all about smiles, not tears" and that's why they specifically designed the wash to be gentle enough to not sting baby's eyes. Made with 100% skin-natural nutrients, it's safe for baby's natural skin microbiome and doesn't strip away skin health essentials.

Included in the pack, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion gives that extra little boost of moisture after bathtime or whenever baby's skin is needing a bit of TLC. Also dermatologist and pediatrician-tested, the lotion can be used right from birth and parents can be assured that they're putting a quality product on their child that has been well thought through in its development.


Baby Dove was kind enough to send their collection (which is easily customizable) for us to try out. All of the products are perfectly packaged, and the Tip-to-Toe wash features a handy pump that makes bathing baby easy. The scent of the Moisture Rich products is light and divine, while the Sensitive Moisture products are fragrance-free for those requiring some extra sensitivity during bathtime. Our favorite products in the line, however, are those in the Night Time collection. They are beautifully packaged in purple and feature the scent of warm milk and chamomile, meant to calm baby (and Mom and Dad!) right before bedtime. All of the ranges of washes and lotions have been suitable for delicate baby skin, leaving our little ones clean, smooth, and ready to take on each day (or night!). Thank you so much to Baby Dove for letting us try out these wonderful items!

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Sold online for just $24.99 with free shipping, the personalized two-pack is a super easy yet thoughtful gift for that new little darling in your life. With the ability to put up to 11 characters on your individualized products, these Baby Dove bottles are sure to put a smile on both the parents' and baby's face with their adorable look and thoroughly tested content. To learn more or to order your own, visit www.MyBabyDove.com.

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