Jerry Seinfeld Wonders What's The Deal With 'Disapproving Dads'

All of Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter’s future boyfriends can breathe a little bit easier. That’s because the comedian says that he doesn’t want to be one of those ‘disapproving’ dads that always has a problem with the person that his daughter is dating. As a matter of fact, the television personality recently opened up about his unique style of parenting and how he plans on giving all of his daughter Sasha’s boyfriends a bit of a break.

Speaking to People Magazine, Seinfeld says that he doesn’t want to appear as one of those intimidating dads that always has an eye on each and every boyfriend who comes over to his house. That’s because he himself felt nervous each time he visited his own girlfriend’s parents while he was growing up. In addition to his daughter Sasha, he also has two sons, Julian Kal and Shepherd Kellen, with his wife Jessica Seinfeld. The couple have been married since 1999.

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Seinfeld told the publication, “I really was determined not to be those dads. I hated those dads when I was a kid dating and you would go to a girl’s house and the father would be so mean and I don’t want to be that guy. You feel those feelings. You feel possessive and protective but I refuse to be one of those disapproving dads.”

The 65-year-old father-of-three also said that he was pretty happy with his daughter’s prom date this year. He said that thankfully, his family knows the young man and that his daughter Sasha is in a good relationship with her boyfriend. His wife Jessica also added that the unnamed boy is “amazing” and the “best.”

And while Seinfeld likes to have an honest and open approach when it comes to his parenting, it wasn’t always this easy for him. In fact, he says that when Sasha was a teenager, there were some things that he and his wife Jessica opted to keep a secret from the young girl.

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“When Sascha’s first goldfish died, we replaced it without telling her because we couldn’t handle the [emotions],” he said with a laugh. “We snuck another goldfish into the bowl.” Luckily, Sasha has managed to forgive her parents and the entire family has moved on from the incident.

Meanwhile, Jerry Seinfeld is currently working with his wife’s Good + Foundation’s 2019 Bash, which is currently in its 13th year. The organization helps provide training and support to fathers and families that are living in poverty. The national nonprofit event is held at the famed Victorian Gardens in New York City’s Central Park.

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