Liz Sandoz Of "The Bachelor" Reveals That She Has Suffered A Miscarriage

The Bachelor alum Liz Sandoz suffered a miscarriage recently and expressed her grief-stricken state of mind in Monday’s episode of her Miraculous Mamas podcast.

Liz Sandoz was thrilled in the last few weeks to receive positive pregnancy tests. But, fate had other plans for her. She faced a pregnancy loss and revealed her feelings alongside husband Vito Presta in the Miraculous Mamas podcast. The couple explained the course of action that led to a miscarriage along with severe cramps. “It was something I had never felt in my life and I have very heavy periods and cramping but it was accompanied by vomiting and all sorts of stuff,” said the reality star.

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Sandoz recalls encountering spots in the morning, and in the evening, her bleeding had started making her intensely sad. She was crying horribly and sensed "something different." “I went to the E.R. and had to do an ultrasound and blood work again, and then it was just a miserable day,” she said. It was found to be a chemical pregnancy, and she surely breathed a sigh of relief because it didn't turn out to be an ectopic pregnancy as suspected by the doctors. The couple has now accepted whatever happened and has “made peace” with it, but the thought of the incident is still emotional for Sandoz as it was her first pregnancy.

The Bachelor contestant was so excited that she had started planning quite a few things awaiting her little one, like nursery wallpaper. But now she feels “stupid” as it was merely a chemical pregnancy meaning “it’s like nothing was ever really even there. Which I know is ridiculous.” On the other hand, husband Presta says that they will "keep trying," saying, “Life is gonna kick us down, life’s gonna kick everybody down, you just gotta get back up and fight back. You just gotta keep getting up.” He humorously added, "And this fighting back is to just keep having sex, and I’m okay with that, I think that’s a good fight to take on."

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The couple tied the knot at Glacier National Park in Montana this February, where they clicked cute pictures amidst a snowy landscape. They further went on to celebrate their honeymoon in Thailand. Sandoz confessed at the time that she felt a spark with Presta and immediately knew he was the one after their first kiss. She has always referred to him as a best friend and considers herself very lucky to have him as a life partner. They are animal lovers, too, and welcomed a pup named Hutch to the family this July. We wish them good luck for a safe and healthy pregnancy in the future and hope that they conceive soon.

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