Shawn Johnson Admits It’s A Struggle Being Romantic While Pregnant

Former Olympian gymnast Shawn Johnson, 27, delved into the topic of romance during pregnancy in an interview with US Weekly this past Wednesday.

After experiencing a miscarriage and then dealing with multiple pregnancy complications, Johnson has had a far-from-easy road to motherhood. She and her husband, NFL star Andrew East, struggled initially after the aforementioned miscarriage back in 2017. Johnson said that it put a big strain on their marriage- she wanted to try and get pregnant again right away, but East wanted to wait a while.

Now in her third trimester with her current pregnancy, Johnson says it's getting harder and harder to stay romantic with her husband. With all of the bodily changes that come along with pregnancy, it's taking some getting used to for her.

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"My husband is, bless him, just getting used to the whole body changing thing. My boobs are leaking already, which is such an interesting thing, and he's getting used to that, which grosses him out," she tells US Weekly.

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Staying "romantic" during pregnancy, especially the third trimester, is a challenge. Although some women get a surge of "love-making" hormones, others are simply just too tired and too sore to even think about getting under the sheets. In addition, late pregnancy is when your hips really start to shift and open up, preparing themselves for your baby's arrival (which can make even laying down uncomfortable). Not only that, but your baby is getting much bigger, giving some women a sort of "beached whale" effect. Needless to say, that's not exactly how you want to feel during intimate moments with your partner.

Some women, on the other hand, feel it's more their partners that are turned off from intimacy. Many men fear that they could rupture the amniotic sac or disturb the baby while getting intimate. The fact is, the two regions are far enough away from each other that the only effect intimacy will have on an unborn baby is being rocked to sleep. Unless your doctor specified otherwise- or you just aren't feeling up for it- staying romantic with your partner is a good way to stay connected before the baby comes.

As far as Johnson and East are concerned, Johnson says they're just taking things day-by-day and that the entire process is a learning experience. We wish the best of luck to the budding parents-to-be!

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