Shay Mitchell Talks About Challenges Of Hiding Her Baby Bump While Filming

Shay Mitchell, 32, reveals that she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from the cast and crew during some of the filming of her new comedy series Dollface.

The Canadian actress and model, who is very well known for her role as Emily Fields in the series, Pretty Little Liars, is currently expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Matte Babel.

Now preparing for the release of Dollface, Mitchell tells PEOPLE that she got pretty lucky in terms of her character because of how she dresses. "There's just big sweaters," she says explaining how easy it was to conceal her baby bump at the start of filming.

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The series, which also stars Brenda Song and Kat Dennings, will begin streaming on Hulu on November 15. Mitchell explains that if she would have gotten Brenda Song's role, it wouldn't have been so easy to hide her pregnancy. "...My character's wardrobe prior to them even knowing was already kind of loose and free-flowing," she explains. "Brenda's character was the complete opposite. Had I been in her position I would have had to tell them a lot earlier. Once I saw the first fitting I thought, 'Oh I'm good.' "

Mitchell goes on to tell PEOPLE that she did end up telling the cast and crew about her pregnancy about a month before she opened up to the public, but she has a feeling they knew all along. "I'm sure they did know," she says, "they just didn't say anything. They were very polite."

With her last pregnancy sadly ending in miscarriage back in 2018, Mitchell waited to announce the news this time around, sharing it on her vlog "Guess Who's Preggers" last month on YouTube. Mitchell is very happy to have had the opportunity to announce the pregnancy when she felt ready to this time around.

In her interview with PEOPLE, Mitchell says that she is loving the unexpected aspect of pregnancy. "I enjoy the unknown in life so I think that's what's the most fun," she explains. Although loving the surprises, the couple did end up finding out the gender of their baby during a Power Rangers themed reveal and announced that they're having a baby girl!

Although assuming they were expecting a boy, Mitchell couldn't be happier to have her little girl on the way and is excited to coordinate outfits. "It'll be amazing," she says. "It'll be fun twinning the whole time until she can tell me no."

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