The Next Generation Of Diapers Is Here: Technology That Helps You Track Your Child's Pee

Pampers is planning on releasing a new type of diaper that will notify the parent through an app if the child pees.

It is typically very easy to check to see if your child has pooped. In some cases, you stuff your face by their bottom and check, and in others, the whole room can smell it and you don't even need to check. When your child has a wet diaper it is much harder to tell. Some diapers have the blue line that indicates if it's wet, but that requires you to take off their onesie, the pants, or their pajamas to check. Pampers decided to help parents eliminate the confusion of whether or not the child has peed by creating a smart diaper called Lumi by Pampers.  

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The smart diaper attaches itself to the diaper and will share the information with the parent via the Lumi App. The Lumi App not only notifies the parent when their child pees it can also tell the parent about their child's sleeping habits. This app has other features as well in case you have the desire to track all of your child's eating habits as well. Pampers wanted to provide a system that made parenting much easier.


Although Pampers wanted this to be the Next Generation of diapers it does have some things that might stop parents from purchasing this product. First of all, the Lumi App is not free and parents have to purchase the app in order for the product to even be functional. The sensors that are placed on the child's diaper has to be replaced every three months. This app also doesn't check the child's poop, only pee.

This product is to help parents understand their infant's development and help establish a routine. This product will be available in the Fall and we are interested to see if parents actually go and buy this product. It might be a product that really targets new parents to help them learn more about their child.

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