Nicole Kidman's Parenting Rules Are 'Unpopular' With Her Kids

Nicole Kidman has opened up about her parental rules alongside husband Keith Urban, and she admits her kids don't love them.

"They don't have a phone and I don't allow them to have an Instagram," Kidman told Vanity Fair. "I try to keep some sort of boundaries."

Reducing screen-time is a hard task for many parents today. Recently, the World Health Organization (or WHO for short) has recognized time spent in front of a TV or an iPhone as a child is a risk to global health. While that not direct causation, obesity is a growing issue worldwide, and WHO believes limiting screen time while increasing physical activity could implement more healthy habits that a child will take with them into adulthood. They recommend that babies lower than two should have no screen time at all, while two-year-olds should be limited. Even still, they suggest three to five-year-old's only experience about an hour. Instead, they recommend more physical activity, usually around 180 minutes a day for three-to-five-year-olds, with about an hour being a little more intense.

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While Kidman and Urban's two children are a little bit out of the age bracket WHO outlined, the two seem to flourish without gadgets. Sunday (10), and Faith (8) both have taken after their father and have developed a passion for music. In fact, the oldest plays the piano (and enjoys acting from time to time), while the youngest has taken a liking to the violin. With a country music star constantly playing guitar around the house, it's not too surprising that love has rubbed off a little bit.  Still, Kidman says she doesn't put too much pressure on her kids to make music. Instead, she says motivating children is pretty difficult and as a parent, she can only push them in a direction.

While Sunday and Faith are Kidman and Urban's only children, she has two from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise. The two married in 1990 and divorced in 2001, and in that time they adopted two children, Bella (now 26) and Connor (now 24). In an interview with The Australian Magazine Who, the actress admitted she likes to keep their lives more private, but revealed the two have taken after their father and are practicing Scientologists.

Despite her strict rules regarding technology, it looks like Kidman has done an awesome job at raising her kids. While it's increasingly difficult to keep the allure of smartphones away from children, it's important to remember that devices like that can be highly addictive, and reigning in a child's exposure is a difficult task modern parents face.


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