NICU Announces A Cleanslate Machine That Kills Bacteria On Cellphones

A NICU has started mandating their visitors to sanitize their phones in the Cleanslate Machine before going to spend time with the infants.


Your cell phone has more bacteria than you might realize. Your cell phone contains 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet. Your cell phone has more bacteria than even a doorknob! Gross! You touch everything and clean your hands, but then you touch your phone again that is filled with bacteria. When is the last time you cleaned and sterilized your phone? We bet that the answer is most likely "never" for the majority of the population.

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A NICU has realized this detrimental bacteria infested item is something that their visitors are happily bringing in their sterile environment. The NICU is full of little babies trying to fight big germs and nobody should be bringing in extra germs into their environment, because many of the babies aren't quite strong enough to fight off the big germs. The NICU has decided to invest in a piece of machinery called "Cleanslate" that is able to clean the visitor's phones to make sure that they aren't riddled with germs that could harm the infants.


The machine is very simple and safe to use. The cellphones go into the machine for only thirty seconds. The UV lights in the machine kill the bacteria on the phones. Joanne Vano, the NICU nursing operations manager said. “We’ve seen a drastic decrease in the number of infections in our babies.” The NICU is seeing drastic changes and the result it 100% to the Cleanslate machine.

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Nurses and doctors are encouraging other parents to consider making visitors clean their phones before seeing their little babies, or not playing with their phones while holding your little one. Even if an infant is strong enough to avoid NICU they are still very little and more susceptible to big germs, because they aren't immune to anything out there. If a visitor wants to come and hold your newborn baby then they should wash their hands and not touch anything else before grabbing your young one. Avoiding phones while being around your baby will make them healthier and less susceptible to getting as many infections.

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