NICU Volunteer "Baby Cuddler" Donates A Million Dollars To Alabama Hospital For Leo Beds

A volunteer at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Mobile, Alabama donated a million dollars to the hospital he worked at.

Louis Mapp, an 81-year-old man, started to help rock and comfort the babies in the NICU about a year and a half ago. The NICU is always looking for volunteers to go and cuddle the babies. Most of the parents of the child in the unit do not have the ability to stay 24 hours a day and so they are desperate for people to give the kids the attention they deserve. Every Tuesday Mapp went to the NICU to get his cuddles in. He would burp, feed, or rock any baby that was in need. It obviously didn't take long for him to fall in love with the snuggles.

Mapp decided that he wanted to give more to the NICU and donated one million dollars to the hospital. "We wanted something long after we are gone, something to support these precious people and their families," Mapp said. He was very excited and happy to give the money to a place "that has his heart."

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When Mapp donated the money he only had one stipulation. He and his wife said that they wanted to make sure that the faculty staff in the NICU would be able to decide where all the money would go. The staff decided to purchase "Leo Beds". The Leo Beds are specifically made for the tiniest babies. The beds are meant for children who weigh less than a pound and can hold children who are up to a pound and a half. The beds cost about $50,000 a piece. Right now the faculty decided to put the million dollars into an endowment and a little bit of the money can be taken out each year to be spent on what they might need.

All of the staff at the hospital were in complete shock. They already thought that Mapp did his part in helping the little babies. He was religious about going to the hospital every Tuesday. Nobody thought that he would give a donation of that magnitude.

Nurse Manager, Renee Rogers, was shocked by Mapp's donation. "For him to come with his time alone is fabulous, but then the donation! It was massively surprising," Rogers said. Mapp doesn't view his donation as much of a sacrifice. He knows that it was the right thing to do and he loves the babies so very much. "I love to look at their expressions when I rock them. This one is smiling at me right now, and it just makes your day to do that," Mapp said.

We need more people like Louis Mapp in this world.

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