Night One: 20 Things Mom Doesn't See In The Hospital Nursery

Giving birth is one of the most incredible, as well as life-changing experiences a woman can have. There are so many things to decide on before the big day comes, such as who is going to be allowed in the room and who isn’t, and whether the baby should go to the nursery on his or her first night outside of the womb.

In fact, that is something many moms have debated over for a very long time. Some new mothers believe that the baby should be with them throughout his or her first night after being born, while others choose to have their baby sent to the nursery so that they can catch up on some sleep, and be more rested.

It seems that there really is no right answer when it comes to whether a baby should be sent to the hospital nursery or not. However, moms who do decide on doing this should definitely know about some of the things that might happen while their child is in there. Here are some of the things moms don’t see during their baby’s time in the hospital nursery.

20 They Let Them Cry It Out

Most of the time when a mother’s new little bundle of joy starts to cry, her first instinct is to get him or her to calm down and to figure out why they are upset. However, hospital employees in the nursery tend to follow a different set of rules.

They let the little ones in there cry it out. This means that they let the babies cry and be fussy for a set amount of time before stepping in. This teaches the child to soothe themselves and go to sleep. Some parents think this is a harmful thing to do, but the truth is it affects them more than it affects the child.

19 Babies Might Be Given A Pacifier

Some moms of new babies are very particular about the things they do and do not want their new addition to the family to experience, and that is even truer when it comes to what can go in the baby’s mouth. So, many mothers will give the hospital instructions on what they do and do not want to happen to their baby while he or she is away for the night.

However, sometimes accidents happen. Different instructions from different parents can get a little confusing, and a nurse can sometimes forget which baby is allowed to have a pacifier, and which one is not. Some babies are not allowed to have pacifiers because their moms worry about whether they will prefer that over nursing from their moms, which makes the nursing process more difficult.

18 The Baby Might Get Sugar Water

Some new parents might be a little bit worried about what will happen with their baby once he or she goes off to the nursery. One of the things that might occur is that the child could possibly be given sugar water.

Well, firstly it is important to understand that there are a lot of things that could be making the new baby uncomfortable, such as gas pain or colic. The sugar water is something that is meant to make the baby feel better. It relieves any pain they might be feeling, which may or may not be why some infants have trouble sleeping.

17 Sometimes Shots Happen

While many hospitals have different policies they go by when it comes to new babies, much of what they do is still the same. After all, their main focus is to keep our babies healthy.

There are a couple of shots that may be given to new babies. One of them is the hepatitis B shot, and the other is the vitamin K shot.

While some new moms and dads are totally cool with their babies getting shots while they are in the nursery, others are more skeptical about it. Some parents even choose not to have one or more of these shots performed, as they are worried about possible health issues being caused by them.

16 Diaper Changes Might Get Delayed

Ideally, a child’s diaper should be changed every two or three hours. They will soil it about 20 times a day, and there is no need to change it every single time, but making sure that it is changed within a couple of hours is a very important task.

However, sometimes things can get pretty busy in the hospital nursery. While nurses do the very best that they can to take care of each and every baby, they may not have time to change a diaper right away, as they have a lot of other things going on as well.

15 This Is Where They Are Circumcised

There are a lot of things that parents have a choice in when their child is involved. This is especially true when it comes to what happens during and after the birth of the baby, and one of the things that moms and dads can opt out of is circumcision.

However, if the parents of a new little boy decide that he should be circumcised, then it will happen in the nursery treatment room. During the procedure, the baby is usually awake and placed in a seat that is designed to keep him in the right position, so that the procedure does not get messed up.

14 Babies In The Nursery Listen To Music

There are a lot of things people tend to picture when discussing what happens in the hospital nursery after a new baby is born and taken in there. However, we typically do not picture the little ones in the room listening to music, but the truth is that they do.

That does not mean that the nurses are playing loud rock and roll music, but rather that they are playing softer tunes in order to test the new baby’s hearing. Seeing how a new baby boy or girl reacts to sounds in different areas is a pretty big deal, so while this sounds like a lot of fun, it is also very important. One fun fact is that some hospitals play a certain song for everyone to hear after a new baby arrives!

13 Tests Are Done

When a new little girl or boy has made their grand entrance into the world, they are often tested for a lot of different health conditions. This may seem scary to parents who are not expecting it, but this is really just a routine thing to make sure that the baby is healthy.

For example, one of the tests that are performed is called a PKU test. This test can tell a healthcare provider of the baby has Phenylketonuria or some other metabolic health issue. They are also tested for congenital adrenal hyperplasia, as well as anemia and hypothyroidism. Furthermore, there is a chance that the baby might even be asleep the entire time.

12 The Baby Gets A Bath

When a new baby arrives, he or she is covered in a lot of different things. Some of the stuff that is found on a new baby right after their birth is amniotic fluid, as well as vernix. But this is nothing to be worried about, as it protects their skin very well. This happens to all babies no matter whether their mothers had a natural birth or a c-section.

Since this stuff is so good for their skin, it is okay to rub it in instead and wait about two days before giving the child a bath. However, if the parents of a new baby do not wish to wait or bath the baby themselves, the child will get a bath in the nursery.

11 The Childs' Complexion Is Checked Out

Jaundice is a word that is heard a lot around hospitals, especially when it comes to newborn baby girls and boys. Healthcare providers look for signs of this in the nursery by keeping an eye on the skin color of the baby to see if it has a bit of a yellow color to it.

If this condition is left untreated, there are some other health problems that can arise because of it. However, it is fairly easy to treat. Some of the things that can cause this to occur are the vitamin K shot and clamping the cord too early.

10 Suction Cups May Be Used

When a baby is born, they are covered in a lot of gooey stuff. Some of this is mucus, and since the baby was previously surrounded by a lot of liquid before coming out of the womb, his or her lungs, throat, nose, and mouth will also have mucus in them. Typically, the medical professional who is delivering the baby will use a device to get the mucus out of the nose and the throat.

However, there might be more somewhere in there. If there is more mucus in the baby, and he or she is having trouble breathing, they may need to use the suction device again. Seeing this happen in a nursery is nothing new.

9 Babies Are Kept Under A Heat Lamp

While babies are still in the womb, they are pretty warm, cozy, and just plain comfortable. But then when they are born, there are a lot of bright colors, loud noises, and cool temperatures for them to get used to, and they do tend to get cold pretty fast.

This is why it is important to keep new babies warm. When a baby gets sent to the nursery, one of the ways he or she is kept warm is by having the baby lay under a heat lamp. This lamp helps raise their body temperature up to a normal range.

8 The Babies Sleep A Lot In There

Many times when people think about the things that come along with having a new baby, they picture being awake at all hours of the night to feed them and calm them down when they are crying. However, the truth is that newborn babies sleep quite a bit.

Typically, newborn babies sleep approximately 16-17 hours a day for the first few years of life. However, that does not mean the parents get much sleep, as new babies tend to wake up every couple of hours to eat or have their diaper changed. Furthermore, sometimes babies just want to be comforted.

7 Babies Get A New Hat And Blanket

Many times, quite a few of the new baby’s family members will discuss what one of the child's’ first outfit will be. After all, new parents cannot wait to put their baby girl or boy into something super cute and adorable, especially since photos are definitely going to be taken.

However, one of the first things a baby will wear, aside from what they are wrapped in right after birth, is a brand new hat and blanket the nurses in the nursery pick out for him or her. This is because when parents choose to have their child visit the nursery, they are given something clean to wear, instead of the blanket they were wrapped in after they were born.

6 Relatives Can See The Baby Without Spreading Germs

New parents get to experience a lot of things that they are unfamiliar with, especially if they have just had their first child. One of the things new moms and dads will find hard to get used to are all the friends and family members that will suddenly want to drop by for a visit after the baby is born, and when mom and dad have not had much sleep.

Furthermore, new parents are also not fond of germs being spread to their baby. So, one of the nice things about having the baby sent to the nursery is that relatives can get a peek at the cute new family member without actually putting their health in danger.

5 Their Breathing Is Graded

Going from living inside of the womb to living outside of it can cause some pretty big changes. That means that there are a lot of things that need to be done to see how well the new baby is adjusting to his or her new surroundings.

New babies are tested for a lot of things almost immediately after they are born. For example, right after the baby is born, their breathing will be tested twice. The first test will happen one minute after birth, and the second test happens four minutes later. If a baby is crying and breathing as they should, their score is 2. If they are breathing slowly, their score is 1. If they are not breathing it is 0.

4 The Babies Are Surrounded By A Lot Of Noise

Typically, when we picture hospital nurseries, we think of places that are quiet and calm. After all, there are a lot of babies sleeping in there, so it does not seem like a place where a lot of things would be happening.

But, that really could not be further from the truth. Between the nurses bringing new babies in, bathing them, performing tests on them, playing music, and getting them new hats and blankets, there are a lot of things happening in the nursery. Hospital nurseries are very rarely as calm as they look to others who have not worked in them or spent much time in them at all.

3 The Babys' Size Is Guessed

No matter what age a person is, his or her weight plays a vital role in their health. This is especially true for new babies. Their weight can often be a good indicator of possible health issues that are already present, as well as problems that might be coming in the future.

So, healthcare providers in the nursery like to keep an eye on the baby’s weight. Babies are weighed pretty frequently in the nursery in order to make sure that they are growing as they should, and that there are no health problems. The weight of a child can also tell his or her healthcare providers what exactly is needed in their diet.

2 They Give The Baby Eye Drops

There are some things that happen after a baby is born that are definitely necessary, and then there are also things that happen which are not necessary. The eye drops that are given to newborn babies falls somewhere between both of those things.

Babies who are born naturally may have a slight chance of an infection, and these eye drops exist in order to prevent that from happening. Furthermore, the baby has much less of a chance of being infected if his or her mother had a c-section. The eye drops are given because some bacteria if it gets in the baby’s eyes, can not only cause an infection, but it can cause vision problems as well.

1 The Babys' Reflexes Are Tested

There are some very interesting things that tend to go down in the hospital nursery room. Furthermore, new babies are given full examinations so that their healthcare providers can figure out whether they are healthy or not.

One of the things that are tested by medical professionals in the hospital nursery room are the reflexes of the new babies that are brought in. Those who are caring for each child will see how they respond to certain things, which can tell them whether or not every part of the child is working exactly as it should. Basically, they will touch the feet and the knees of each little one in order to see how, or if, the child responds to it.

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