Nikki And Brie Bella Are Hoping To Get Pregnant At The Same Time

It seems as though the Bella twins are both happy and content with their respective love lives. Brie Bella has been married to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan since 2014, and the couple has a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Birdie. Meanwhile, sister Nikki has finally made her relationship official with her former Dancing with the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev. Add in their multiple business ventures such as Birdiebee and Nicole and Brizee and their E! reality show Total Bellas, and the pair have a lot of reasons to love life.

But of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. In the case of the Bella twins, they each want the same thing- children. It's no secret that Brie and her husband have been trying for baby number two for some time. On the flip side, Nikki's boyfriend Artem has been vocal about wanting to have kids someday. Now, according to a close source, the Bella twins wish that they could possibly get pregnant at the same time.

"Nikki and Brie have babies on the mind," the source revealed. "Brie has been trying for a second child for a little bit with her husband Bryan and Nikki has really been eager to start a family with Artem more and more these last few months."

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The source went on to say that the Bella twins believe that due to her current situation, it will be Brie who gets pregnant first. But allegedly, the twins wish to have children who are relatively close in age. With that fact in mind, if Brie were to get pregnant soon, Nikki might not be too far behind her twin sister.

Having said that, the source also stressed that Nikki would ideally like to get married before having a baby of her own. It's clear that she knows how she wants her life to play out. But Brie's interactions with daughter Birdie and her own desires to get pregnant again have allegedly caused Nikki to rethink her initial life plan. Whether it actually happens or not remains to be seen, but it seems as though it's more of a possibility than you may think.

"Dont be surprised if they both are pregnant at the same time in the near future," the source concluded. "It is definitely something they have talked about often and recently."

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