I Was Nine Months Pregnant And I Felt Like Death & My Aunt Told Me To 'Enjoy It'

My daughter is literally everything that is perfect in this world. She is beautiful, perfect, and has the most amazing spirit! She is only two months old but I felt like I have known her my entire life. But, let me tell you one thing, her pregnancy was hell! I would do it all over for her, but we have decided no more kids! I threw up for over 20 weeks. I had to be on Zofran around the clock and I lost a lot of weight. I then got kidney stones at about 20ish weeks and I was in so much pain. I had to be hospitalized three times and I had two surgeries. I got out of the hospital for the third time and I went to a family function. I looked sick, I was sick and I was in pain. It was a million degrees outside and I was over this whole "pregnant thing" and I was counting down the days that I would just be done and get to hold my daughter. An aunt came up to me and she gave me a hug and she whispered in my ear, "enjoy it."

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You would think that I would have been upset by this. You would think that I was be frustrated that she was telling me to enjoy something that was just so hard and that tried to kill me multiple times. On the contrary, I realized really how lucky I was. Something you don't know about this aunt, she was never able to have biological children. She wanted to have her own biological child but that never happened. She ended up being able to adopt a beautiful daughter, but I know she wishes she could have grown her in her own tummy.

I know a lot of people in my small circle who would have given anything to be as sick as I was. They would have sacrificed anything to be as in pain as I was. When my aunt said, "enjoy it" she really did want me to enjoy all of the pains, the sadness, the throwing up, the aches and the peeing every five seconds because she never was able to enjoy it and she tried everything to be able to feel like I was feeling.

Pregnancy was really hard for me. My body seemed to try to fight it off. Pregnancy really did beat me up. Everything in this world that is great is worth fighting for. My kids are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I worked hard for them. I know that millions of other moms wanted to work really hard to bring their babies into this world. My aunt made me open my eyes and realize how lucky I really was! I was so lucky that getting pregnant was SO easy for me! I was so lucky that even though my body was put through a lot my children were always healthy. I am so lucky! I truly believe that every pregnant woman should "enjoy it."

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