Nine Labor And Delivery Nurses Expecting At The Same Time At This Maine Hospital

There's a rather large case of baby fever happening right now in the state of Maine - specifically at Maine Medical Center in Portland. A total of nine nurses, who all work in the labour and delivery unit, no less, are expecting babies within a four-month range this spring and summer.

When Brittney Verville, one of the expectant nurses, shared a photo on Facebook of eight of the women lined up, each holding a card that indicated their due date, it immediately went viral. Even the hospital's official Facebook page caught wind of it, reposting the photo with the caption, "How's this for a baby boom? Nine of our nurses (eight of whom are in this photo) are expecting babies between April and July! Congratulations!"

Another nurse explained how the unit discovered that there were so many babies on the way.

“Throughout the shift, we’d name the people [who were pregnant]," she said. She went on to add that the number eventually crept so high that it required two hands to keep track.

"Then [we] were like, whoa!"


Although there are a total of 80 registered nurses currently working in L&D, the loss of nine workers over the course of the next few months seems pretty big. However, the hospital has assured the expectant mothers that everything was going to be fine from a staffing standpoint and that they "have a plan."

This isn't the first hospital staff baby boom in recent months. Back in August at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona, there was a total of 16 pregnant nurses in the center's intensive care unit. They all found out about this phenomenon when a few started a Facebook group to share their pregnancy journeys, and more and more women started joining. All of the babies were due between September 2018 and February 2019, which means they have all been born by now!

But hospitals aren't the only ones that have been having all the fun as of late. Back in September, the Revere, Massachusetts fire department made headlines when it was discovered that a total of nine babies were born to members of the department in the 2018 calendar year. This beat Oklahoma's Glenpool Fire Department's record, which welcomed seven.

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