Nine-Year-Old Girl Who Lost Both Her Legs As A Baby Walks Runway During NYFW

Nine-year-old Daisy-May Demetre, who is a double amputee, shined on the runway of the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Her beauty and grace dazzled everyone watching, and no one else could’ve rocked her outfits like she did. She is surely going to be a fashion icon and an amazing role model for other kids like her.

The fashion industry can seem very restrictive and exclusive. We often find ourselves unable to fit into whatever standard of beauty is currently followed, and this discourages many young, aspiring models from chasing their fashion dreams. In reality, there is no one mould that defines beauty. With models like Demetre, kids can grow up knowing that what makes them different from others isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

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The Big Apple’s most prestigious runway show welcomed Demetre last Saturday. She became the first double amputee to walk the NYFW runway, and she looked absolutely stunning. Her two prosthetic legs didn’t stop her from owning the stage. Her walk was so elegant that she made it look easy to model those outfits. She proudly walked down the runway as a Lulu et Gigi model; the company recruited her after designer Eni Hegedus-Buiron saw her walk the London Kids Fashion Week.

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She was born with fibular hemimelia, so parts of her fibula bones were missing. Because of this, she needed to get prosthetic legs in order to walk properly. Despite her condition, she began her modelling career at the age of eight. She began as a model for River Island, and not long after, she received an invitation to be on the NYFW runway. Due to her amazing performance, Demetre is set to model for the Paris Fashion Week later this month.

Her father, Alex, is extremely proud of her and her achievements. The best part, however, is how proud Demetre is of herself. She feels amazing modelling for these fashion brands, and it is a great boost to her confidence. Hopefully, this beautiful girl is serving as a role model for other kids who are insecure about their physical quirks. After all, being a double amputee didn’t stop a little girl from walking down the biggest runways in the world.

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