Nine Years Later: 14 Things You Need To Know About The Death Of Caylee Anthony

In July of 2008, a frantic grandmother in Orlando, Florida called 911 to report her beautiful 2 year old granddaughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, missing.

Not only had Cindy Anthony just discovered that her precious grand-baby was unaccounted for, but according to her daughter Casey, no one had seen or heard from the child in the last 30 days. The baby has been missing for a month, and the baby’s mother is not alarmed enough to call the police? Or scared enough to tell her own parents? Something was terribly wrong.

Casey Anthony, under tremendous pressure from her mother who was demanding answers, finally “confessed” that her babysitter had disappeared with Caylee. She told a story about how the woman had stopped answering her phone, and could not be reached. The confused grandmother knew something didn’t add up, and immediately called the police to file a missing person’s report. And that, my friends, is where this unfathomable news story began.

When the police arrived at the Anthony family home, they interviewed Ms. Anthony for what would be the first in a string of extremely contradictory and confusing encounters. The more she talked, the more questions the authorities had. Casey had an answer for everything. She was spinning a web of lies as she went along, all the while, assuming her stories would be believed. The truth however, was nowhere to be found.

14 The Last Time Caylee Anthony Is Seen Alive

The last time that George and/or Cindy Anthony saw their granddaughter alive, was at their family home on June 16, 2008. One day earlier, Cindy had taken Caylee to visit her great grandfather in a nursing care facility nearby (pictured above).

To put it mildly, the Anthony’s had a strained relationship with their daughter. Up until that day, Casey had lived at home with her parents, and the family was reported to have had frequent arguments. The day in question, there was a larger fight than usual, and Casey told her parents she was taking Caylee, and moving out. She knew how much her parents adored that sweet little girl, and moving out seemed to be her way of getting back at them.

Casey’s level of irresponsibility was often the topic of these arguments, so George and Cindy, although saddened to see her go, were hopeful that Casey would take some initiative and start to grow up a little.

Unfortunately, that does not appear to be what she had in mind.

13 Caylee And Her Mother Go Missing

By the time Cindy had tracked down her daughter (a month after she had moved out), both she and George were missing their granddaughter terribly. Casey had all but disappeared over the last 30 days, and had not been in touch with anyone.

Cindy had finally gotten a tip from one of Casey’s friends, and was eventually able drag her defiant daughter back to the house.

There was an issue with some stolen money, a missing car, and of course the fact that they had not been able to see or speak to Caylee in a very long time. The Anthonys were beside themselves with worry.

When Cindy finally got to Casey, and Caylee was nowhere to be found, panic set in. Casey was attempting to make up story after story that didn’t make any sense, but eventually, it was clear that the police needed to be called.

12 Casey's Story Doesn't Match The Facts

On July 16, 2008, Casey Anthony was arrested. The official charge at that time was child neglect, but suspicions were quickly mounting.

If your child is missing for a month, and you are out gallivanting with friends at local bars, stealing checks from your grandparents to pay for beer at Target, and going out to rent videos with your boyfriend on the night you stated that your daughter was first kidnapped, there may indeed be a problem with your credibility.

To add fuel to the fire, her explanations were just not adding up. As the police followed the leads provided by Casey, they soon found nothing but empty lies. Casey no longer worked where she had told the officers she was currently employed, and apparently, THERE WAS NO BABYSITTER! She made up the entire story.

Casey even went as far as to go with the officers to her fake place of employment, as well as her fake babysitter’s nonexistent apartment, which of course, was a huge waste of resources that should have been used to search for Caylee.

11 The Horrifying Smell In Casey’s Trunk

During the thirty day period that Casey was not seen or heard from by her parents, her car was left abandoned in a local parking lot. The vehicle had been impounded for being parked illegally, and was taken to a local tow yard.

Upon her arrest, the car was tracked down and taken into evidence by the police. When they opened the door, there was an immediate stench of death. The police found a car seat and a baby doll inside the cabin of the vehicle, but they did not believe that the smell originated in that area,

As they carefully moved around to the back, the pungent odor got stronger. When they opened the trunk, they were almost knocked over by the unmistakable smell of death. There were maggots, stains, and garbage strewn about the carpeted trunk, but no sign of Caylee.

10 Caylee Anthony Is Still Missing

After an air sample test from Casey’s trunk came back positive for the presence of human remains, and little Caylee Marie Anthony was still unaccounted for, on October 14, 2008, Casey Anthony was officially indicted on charges of capital murder.

The child endangerment charges remained, as well as several charges for lying to police and attempting to obstruct justice. She was also facing charges for stealing those checks from her grandparents.

At this point, Casey’s parents were still actively searching for Caylee, although growing less hopeful every single day. Of course no parent wants to believe that their own child may be capable of committing such a heinous crime, but sadly, they knew that their daughter was hiding some very important information.

Any mother that was genuinely worried about her kidnapped daughter would not have thrown obstacles directly in the path of the ongoing investigation, and they knew it.

9 The Gruelling Discovery

On December 11, 2008, in a wooded area less than a half mile from the Anthony home, a plastic garbage bag containing a skull and other tiny skeletal remains was discovered by a meter reader. The remains were consistent with those of a small child, but it would be several days before there could be any positive identification of the victim.

News of the discovery traveled fast, and the country was riveted with Casey Anthony and her reaction to the find. Rumors were flying left and right (mostly from her defense team) as far as the identity of the meter reader, conspiracy theories, and the possibility of evidence being planted near the Anthony home.

It had been six long months that George and Cindy Anthony had been searching for their beautiful little granddaughter, and on that very dark December day, they were almost certain that their search was over. What a nightmare.

8 Caylee Anthony's Death Is Now Official

On December 19, 2008, the identity of a tiny little skeleton found in the woods near Casey Anthony’s childhood home was positively identified as two year old Caylee Marie Anthony. The search was finally over. The horrifying details of the case however, were just beginning to come to light.

During the investigation, before finding the remains, detectives had discovered the presence of Chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. One of the theories had been that perhaps Casey had drugged Caylee regularly, leaving her in the trunk of the car while the mom went off and partied.

Searches on Ms. Anthony’s computer showed that someone with her password protected account had searched for recipes and uses for chloroform. Caylee’s little skull was found with duct tape around her mouth, and a tiny little heart sticker place directly over her lips. Both the duct tape and the heart sticker were eventually traced back to the Anthony home.

7 A Not So Open And Shut Case

On May 24th, 2011, the prosecution and defense delivered their opening statements in the case against Casey Anthony. The world would be focused on this one little courtroom in Orlando, Florida for the next five weeks.

Prosecutors were sure that they had a rock solid case. In fact, after all of the evidence had been gathered, the once withdrawn request to seek the death penalty on Ms. Anthony was reinstated. They were confident that they had an open and shut case.

The defense, however, was singing a different tune. There was no lack of storytelling in that courtroom. From incest, to accidental drowning, to the outlandish theory that the meter reader planted the body, the defense did their best to create some obscure path to reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

Casey Anthony was often spotted smirking in the courtroom, and did not seem to be upset by any of the defenses horrific theories about her late daughter’s untimely demise. The scene was set for the circus that would take place over the next several weeks.

6 Did Casey Murder Her Own Daughter?

From the life stage of the flies and maggots in the trunk, to the single hair that was found to come from Caylee Anthony’s head, the prosecution called witness after witness to testify that all physical evidence in this case only pointed to one person, and that was Casey Anthony.

The prosecution had laid out its case to show that Caylee was likely suffocated with duct tape after being knocked out with chloroform. They theorized that little Caylee was left in Casey’s trunk for several days before she figured out what to do with the body.

When the defense took the stand, they tried to refute all physical evidence with their own expert witnesses. These experts refused to definitively say whether or not the smell coming from Casey’s trunk was indeed due to the presence of human remains.

Reasonable doubt is what they were going for, and they were going to get it come hell or high water.

5 The Last Chance To Make Their Case

As the trial that tugged at the heartstrings of the world came to an end, the closing arguments were no less dramatic than any testimony that had taken place during the rest of the trial.

The prosecution stuck to their guns, stating that there was only one person with something to gain by the death of Caylee Anthony, and that was her mother. A mother that wanted to be a child herself. A mother that had no desire to be tied down by caring for a child. When chloroform no longer worked as her babysitter, Casey herself finished the job. This was the basis of the prosecutions closing arguments.

The defense on the other hand, went a different route. They admitted that Caylee Anthony had indeed been deceased since the day she was last seen alive at the Anthony’s home. Casey’s attorney went on to say that Casey panicked when she found Caylee floating face down in the family pool, and her father, George Anthony stepped in to say he would dispose of the body.

The lie was kept he said, because Casey had been abused by her father as a child, and lying is what she did for self -preservation. You could hear a pin drop as the defense went on to rest its case.

4 Not Guilty Of Her Daughter's Murder

As the jury entered the courtroom, all eyes were fixed on their tired faces. There are many theories on reading the faces of jurors to try and determine their decision, but nobody seemed to see this one coming.

When the judge asked the foreman to read the verdict, the world was braced and ready…So they thought.

“Not guilty of first degree murder.” Oh my goodness!! Not guilty of anything relating to the death of that sweet little girl. Wow.

Casey was found guilty on four charges of lying to police, and was considered to have served her time in the years she was awaiting trial. Casey Anthony was found not-guilty, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it. She was going to be a free woman in a manner of days. Shock and disbelief sent waves of intense protest throughout the world. Nobody could believe their ears.

3 Casey Anthony Is A Free Woman

On July 17th, 2011, Casey Marie Anthony was released from jail. She walked out a free woman three years to the day after she was first arrested and charged with child endangerment. She walked out a side exit in the middle of the night in order to avoid the some of the chaos that was sure to follow her wherever she went.

She was accompanied by her attorney, some members of her defense team, and a reporter or two. No family in sight. Casey was alone in her new world, and she was going to have to start from scratch.

Casey’s parents had testified against her in the trial, and nobody was at all certain what, if any type of relationship she may have with them in the future. The bottom line was, she was now free, and could live in whatever manner she chose. This seemed to be her plan from the beginning.

2 Life In The Public Eye

Immediately following the verdict, there was much speculation that Casey Anthony may stand to make millions of dollars off of the death of her daughter. There was talk of book deals, movie deals, interviews, etc.

Not much profit seems to have come from the media circus surrounding this interesting sociopathic liar, but perhaps the jury is still out. You just never know with this girl.

The reasons for this lack of action appear to be two-fold. First and foremost, Casey Anthony enjoys being the center of attention. She seems to know that if she gives up her story, the interest in her would likely fade. Secondly, as much as her story may fascinate the general public, this is not a well- liked woman. Producers, agents, and publishers are more than a little bit concerned about attaching their names to this outcast.

It is certainly possible that she may still profit at some point, but so far, that does not seem to be the case.

1 Where Are They Now?

Thirty-one year old Casey Anthony is living in South Florida with one of the lead private investigators that worked on her behalf during the 2011 trial. She is currently employed by this man, Patrick McKenna, and helps him with his cases by conducting some of her own investigative work. Can you imagine?

In addition to working as a researcher/investigator, Casey has also started her own photography business. Again, I can’t begin to fathom who her clientele may include, but I'm fairly certain she would not be anyone’s first choice for baby photography. Oh my.

Anyway, it appears that Ms. Anthony is going about her business, in an attempt to live a “normal” life. She is most certainly still considered one of the most hated moms in America, so her social options are quite likely limited. In a recent interview, Casey described her life as “boring”, but then again, this woman has been shown to be a pathological liar on multiple occasions, so I’m guessing nobody really knows she has been up to.

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