No Matter How Old You Are You Still Want Your Mom When You Are Sick

A viral story on social media is reminding the world not only how much kids love their moms, but also no matter how old you are when you are sick you still want your mom.

According to Scary Mommy, after speaking with her daughter who complained of being sick, Shixia Huang immediately hopped on a plane to be with her 22-year-old daughter. Grace Li called her mom to let her know she thought she was getting sick and was also suffering from a headache. Huang, who lives in Texas, became worried about her daughter and felt she needed to check on her. So, she hopped on a plane and flew to New York City where Grace Li lives.

Oh yes, this mama was not about to let her little girl be sick all alone. Much to Grace Li’s surprise, her mom showed up on her doorstep the same evening she told her mom she was sick. She was so shocked by Huang’s actions, she had to take to social media to share how great her mom is with the world.

Grace Li explained that after telling Huang she was feeling sick, her mom told her she could get on the next flight to see her. Of course, she thought her mom was joking but then she got radio silence, explained the hilarious Twitter photo of the mother/daughter duo.

“A mother’s job is never done?” Huang shared.

The stars were aligned for Huang to go visit her sick daughter. Plane tickets from Texas to New York City where very cheap, which was why she decided to go see Grace Li. Her daughter was thrilled her mom came all the way to check on her.

Her post immediately went viral reminding everyone it doesn’t mater how old you are, when you are sick sometimes you just want your mom. It is also a reminder that there is no love in the world as strong as a mother’s love. Even when you are a mom yourself, you still need your own mom.

Mother’s Day is still weeks away, but a viral social media post is reminding people everywhere to love and appreciate your mother because there is nothing she wouldn’t do for you.

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