No Mom Is An Island: Support Groups

Today, a mom I've met through my volunteering gave birth to her first child. She didn't have the easiest labor experience, but is beyond proud of her new little one. As well she should be! The moment when a woman becomes a mother is deeply sacred, something she'll remember all her days. And one of the huge perks of joining "The Mom Club" is finding your framily. Framily = family of friends, women who look out for one another, who support one another in their mothering, who encourage one another during the difficult times. Without a framily, I don't know how I'd get through this parenting thing!

A few hours ago, my friend Stacy and I were lamenting that our toddlers were being difficult about bedtime. Hers woke up three times in a determined fight to be stubborn and refuse to rest. Mine escaped his room and tried to make a break for his new playroom. We commiserated over our shared frustration and vowed to try to sell our toddlers tomorrow.

We're just joking, of course. But yes, momming is not easy. It's not the faint of heart. It takes time and effort and consistency, and no human is perfect. So, of course, no mother is perfect. Parenting a "normal" child is hard enough - can you imagine how much more difficult it would be to parent a child with special needs of any kind? Unfortunately, the stress and wear and tear of parenting can make us feel isolated and alone. But we are FAR from alone in this struggle. In fact, you might even be able to find some mommy-centric support groups in your area! Sharing your life's struggles with others can make the load overall easier to bear. Search for one of these groups and see if you can find time to meet up!


MOPS is an acronym that stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers. I love the goal behind this group - to bring together moms of very young kids. School automatically creates socialization - not just for kids, but for parents, too! But when you're knee-deep in the years of poopy diapers, potty training, and crawling, meeting other parents is optional. That is, making mom friends is something you have to go out of your way to intentionally do. And in a way, it's like dating! You put yourself out there, hope you meet someone that you can get along with, and see where it goes. And for someone who is wading through the baby and toddler years, that's a lot of work without a guarantee for finding "your tribe".

All that to say: MOPS typically meets once a month, often in local community centers or churches.

We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together,  face to face.


MeetUp.com hosts groups of moms in over 1,500 cities around the world. You can check their site to find a group near you. MeetUps range from casual lunches, stroller walks, breastfeeding moms, babywearing tribes, and more. Odds are, you're bound to find at least one mom out there who is also looking for friendship and support!

Moms Supporting Moms

In our digital age, we might form relationships with people online rather than in-person. In fact, Facebook is a great forum for moms to find like-minded folks with whom they feel a connection. Plus, you don't have to leave your house or change your routines to have a group of caring friends at your fingertips. I personally belong to a few tight-knit online Facebook groups, but Moms Supporting Moms is quite large. The group is a great cross-section of moms from all different walks of life, which can be so enriching!


What mom groups do you belong to? Have you found them helpful in your mom journey? Point me in their direction on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 with #MomGroup


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