Kim Kardashian Struggles To Explain Mortality To 5-Year-Old North After Hamster Dies

North West's Hamster Dies And Kim Kardashian Goes Off On Khloé

North West's hamster tragically died, and Kim Kardashian is freaking out over how to break the news to her five-year-old daughter. The events were teased in a promo for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kim can be seen chatting with her sister Khloé over the phone when one of her assistants tells her the hamster might be dead. According to the assistant, the hamster has not been moving, and Kim should have a look to see for herself.

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Kim hilariously exclaimed that she does not have time for a dead hamster and that she has no idea how to break the news to North, who was at school when the discovery was made. Kim explained that North is still into the hamster and that it is the first animal she really loved, even more so than her dog, Sushi, a Pomeranian she was gifted in 2017. Kim said in her confessional, that North will be so upset, and that she has no idea how to tell her the sad news about Blacktail, as the hamster was called.

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North West's Hamster Dies And Kim Kardashian Goes Off On Khloé
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As reported by ET Online, it was Khloé Kardashian who bought North the hamster without clearing it with Kim first, and that whole ordeal was covered on last weeks episode of KUWTK. Khloé took North out on a fun day just the two of them, and when she failed to impress North with a limousine ride and lunch at a diner, she asked North what would make her happy. North replied saying she wanted a hamster, and Koko brought her to the pet store and bought her one.

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When Kim found out about the new family member, she was far from excited, and she went off on Khloé saying that it is not okay to buy a pet for someone else's child. When Blacktail was found dead in his cage, Kim did not cut Khloé any slack, telling her this was precisely why she should never have caved for North's demands in the first place, and that she can't deal with this.

Kim is probably already plotting her revenge as soon as Khloé's daughter True is a little older, and those who are keeping up will be able to see the whole drama unravel on Sunday's episode of KUWTK.

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