Not Everything Is #MomWin: 20 Things Mom Should Stop Bragging About

It's a familiar scene: a mom logs onto her social media accounts and scrolls through the people that she follows. The mom who lives down the street from her is talking about how she stayed up until 3 a.m. baking tray upon tray of cookies for her son's bake sale. Another mom has posted the hilarious comment her toddler just made at breakfast that morning. And her best mom friend shared a photo where she finally mastered the perfect braid on her ten-year-old daughter.

She's happy to see these updates, and yet a small part of her wonders if the moms are actually just bragging. Okay, a big part of her wonders that. Sure, moms are super proud of their children, and it shouldn't be any other way. It's a beautiful thing when kids start growing up and accomplishing things on their own and showing who they are. But there are many times when bragging isn't the best thing to do, especially since moms are often talking up their kids for doing things that all children do.

The truth is that not everything is a #momwin. Read on to find out the 20 things that moms should stop bragging about.

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20 Children Who Are Well-Behaved 24/7


Cafe Mom mentions that moms shouldn't brag about how well-behaved their kids are. This is definitely something that moms need to stop talking about because it's not realistic to expect kids to behave all the time. More than that, it's probably not even true.

If you see your best friend posting about how her child never is anything but a perfect angel, you might realize that's not the case when they have too much sugar at a birthday party and run around the room screaming. It's normal for kids to have moments when they're not perfect, and it's best to admit that instead of bragging.

19 A Baby Who Is The Best Sleeper Ever


A mom blogging for Fort Worth City Moms Blog says that it's frustrating when you tell someone that your baby isn't sleeping well and a mom replies, “That sucks. My baby sleeps 12 hours a night, and still takes three-hour naps a day!”

This is a huge thing that moms brag about, whether to another mom when talking to them in person or on social media. The truth is that there is no baby who is the best sleeper ever. The mom who claims that her baby never has any trouble getting their beauty sleep will realize their mistake a few nights later when their little one has colic or just can't sleep.

18 Sisters Or Brothers Who Always Get Along


According to Cafe Mom, one of the annoying things that moms can brag about is when their kids get along really well. As the website says, this is about "The Simpatico Siblings": "It's nice that your kids get along, but something tells me that all those 'perfect' moments you're constantly sharing get forgotten on long road trips. Sibling rivalry is normal, it's OK to admit it happens!"

When a mom brags about how her kids never quarrel, it only makes other moms feel bad. If your friend told you this, you would wonder why your own sons or daughters often have a tough time getting along.

17 Potty Training Their Kid Super Quickly

VeryWell Family

As The Little Things says, moms should stop bragging about how fast they could potty train their kid: "I get it. Your child was potty trained at 13 months and they have never accidentally ingested cleaning supplies. Good for you. Now have another child. Test out your brilliant skills on a different set of chromosomes. Just like removing a poop stain off of a white onesie, the same procedure rarely works twice."

That's funny and also so true. Potty training is one of those milestones that is not going to look the exact same for everyone, so it's unfair for moms to act like they won the potty training lottery and they are so amazing because they mastered this faster than other moms.

16 A Social Media Post With #ThisKid


Romper notes that moms often brag about their kid and post on social media with the hashtag #thiskid. It's basically bragging for no reason because whatever their kid did isn't something that other kids don't do.

As the website says, "I would love to know when this started/became a popular way of expressing love for a child. The caption is almost always paired with a whimsically beautiful picture that you could reasonably find on a Pinterest board."

This is a good point because while of course you're amazed that your three-year-old put on one shoe this morning, chances are that other moms have seen their kid do this, too.

15 How Nice Their Kids Are


Kveller says that moms shouldn't brag about how sweet their kids are, and this is definitely something that many moms brag about.

This seems like a strange thing to brag about, right? First of all, you would hope that your children are kind because that's how you're raising them. It doesn't seem like you would need to spell this out for other people. And second of all, if your kid is nice, others will notice. For example, if you pick your daughter up from a playdate, her friend's mom might tell you that she was so sweet and offered to help put the dishes away after lunch. There is no reason to brag about this.

14 Sharing Proof That They Are Out With Friends/Date Night

Scary Mommy

According to Romper, another thing that moms brag about is the "I actually have a social life" type of bragging." This is when a mom will post a photo on social media to show that they're out with friends. Moms also do this when they get a date night.

You can see how this would be easy to brag about since you can relate, right? Going out with friends or your partner isn't something that happens every day (or even every week) so you're excited and you want to share. But this does count as bragging and it might not sit that well with other moms who might feel envious or insecure after reading the post.

13 A Kid's Height/Being In The 99th Percentile


Cafe Mom talks about a mom bragging about how tall their kid is and call this "The Percentile Pusher": "So, your kid is in the 99th percentile ... and your husband is 6'5". Could have seen that one coming ... now let's get on to something that really matters."

It's definitely strange for a mom to brag about her kid's height because come on, that's just genetics, right? Some children are taller and some are shorter and that's just the way that it is. If you brag about this, especially on social media, the moms that you know will simply shrug and/or roll their eyes.

12 The Incredible Thing Their Kid Just Did

Learning 4 Kids

Mommyish mentions that it's best for moms not to brag about the amazing thing that their kid just did. Maybe they did a puzzle by themselves or something like that.

Sure, this is amazing to you because you're their mom and you think that everything that your child does is incredible. That's totally fair. But does everyone else really need to hear about it? While you're jumping for joy that your child ate an apple after claiming that they were repulsed by them, your friend's kid has been enjoying apples for months and they don't really see why you're bragging about it.

11 How Super Busy They Are

Working Mother

S. Mommy says that moms shouldn't brag about having busy schedules. Every mom can agree with this.

If you're a mom, you've got a packed routine. That's absolutely true. While you can't help but say that you're busy, if you post that on social media, your mom friends will see that as bragging. Bragging about being busy is kind of like bragging that your kid likes toys and TV. It's just the way that things are, and it doesn't seem like you need to talk about it on a regular basis. It's also true that in general, people don't love when you tell them how you have no time to do anything. Most people feel that way.

10 Saying They're Proud Of Their Kid Who Got SAT Scores Back

Pacific Standard

Elephant Journal says that when moms brag about their kid getting awesome SAT scores, it's a "humble mom brag." But, of course, this still counts as bragging.

Moms might act like they're not being boastful at all and might preface this brag with "Not to brag but..." And yet it still feels like bragging. This is frustrating for other moms who wonder if their kids are measuring up or if they should be doing more for their kid's academia. Chances are, you're doing all that you can and you're doing a great job, so this isn't that fair. Even if a brag sounds like it comes from a humble place, it's still a brag, right?

9 Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

Working Mother

Moms also need to stop bragging about being stay-at-home moms.

As a mom posted on the What To Expect community forum, this can be tough to read. She said that her friends post on social media about "not missing out on their child's lives": "One just posted that she is so glad she chose to sacrifice the amenities she'd have with a full time job to be able to stay home with her kids and do things like going to her son's 'share day' at school."

This only makes moms who have to work (or who choose to work) feel bad, and it causes a lot of negative emotions. You make the best decision for you and it's not fair to feel like other moms don't support you.

8 Cooking Homemade Food For The Kids Every Day


It would be great if you could make every meal from scratch every day, but for most moms, that's not realistic.

Someone posted on the forum on City-data.com that it's frustrating when moms brag about cooking. She has seen this firsthand with another mom: "she has talked trash to me before about her sister-in-law, who 'Only fixes things like Hamburger Helper for her kids...' (And she feels so sorry for the kids, their mom should care more about them, blah blah blah...) Apparently, she's 'much better' because she always cooks 'homemade' food for her kids..."

This type of bragging only makes other moms feel bad that they can't make everything homemade as well. It's definitely best to stay quiet about this topic. If you do cook all the time, that's great, but do you have to brag about it?

7 Her Kid Made The Soccer Team


Parents.com says that moms should stop bragging about when their kid makes the soccer team (or, of course, any other sports team).

It seems weird to brag about this since every kid accomplishes various things over the years. It's not unique that your kid did this, right? Sure, you're proud and excited about this, but you don't have to brag about it. This is the kind of brag that is tough for other parents to hear because so many parents talk about this over and over again. It's great to celebrate your child's accomplishment, but it's okay to not tell everyone.

6 Her Children Are Applying To College


Grown and Flown says that moms shouldn't brag about their teenagers applying to college.

It's easy to see that you would want to brag about this particular (and exciting) time in their child's life. You've raised your child to be smart and ambitious and to work hard, and now everything is happening for them and they're about to leave home and go off to school. But if you have friends with children who are the same age, they are all applying for college, too, and it's really nothing all that unique to brag about. Everyone is in the exact same boat.

5 Complaining Their Kid Is In The Gifted Program

Reader's Digest

Kelle Hampton, writing for the website of the same name, says that moms who complain about their children being in the gifted program at school are truly frustrating. These moms act like it's such a problem, but they're actually bragging. She writes that moms say things like, “Oh my God, I [really dislike] that Chelsea’s in the gifted program. I totally wish we weren’t in it because it’s, like, so stressful. Be glad your kid’s not gifted.”

This kind of bragging only serves to make moms feel bad if their own kids aren't in the gifted program, which is the main reason that it's so tough to hear something like this. Every kid is smart in their own way, and everyone should celebrate that.

4 Claiming Their Kid Is 100 Percent Perfect


There is another kind of bragging that many moms do, and it's saying that their children are totally and completely perfect.

As Cafe Mom says, "There's a difference between being a 'proud' mom because your kid got a good report card, and being a [kooky] mom who insists her kid never does anything wrong, never talks back, never has a bad day at school, never throws a tantrum, and never achieves anything less than 100 percent greatness."

That's a good point. Since no child (or anyone else) is perfect, it's best not to claim that they are. This goes for bragging IRL and on social media, too.

3 Saying Their Toddler Never Throws Tantrums


Does your toddler throw tantrums? Yes, they definitely do. It's not something that you want to happen, and it's tough to know the right way to deal with it, but it's part of having a child between the ages of two and four.

If you brag that your toddler never, ever throws tantrums, you're definitely not even being honest... but this is something that many moms brag about, according to WebMD.

Many moms would agree that if they ever heard another mom bragging about their toddler's lack of tantrums, they would probably just nod and smile (while thinking that this can't possibly be true).

2 Stating That Their Child Is Reading At A Super High Level

Today Show

Kelle Hampton writes on her website that this is something else that moms brag about quite a bit.

It seems like if your kid is a huge reader and also reading at a higher level than their age or grade, you wouldn't necessarily need to brag about it. Yes, you're full of pride and if you're also a big reader, then this is something that really makes you happy. But not every kid is reading at the same level. Maybe if you bragged about your kid's reading to another mom, they would feel bad because their own kid is struggling a bit.

1 Acting Like Their Kid Is Better And Smarter Than Every Other Kid


Stay At Home Mum says that when it comes to what moms brag about a lot, they often act like their kid is smarter and better than everyone else.

While some moms might not come right out and say this (because that might seem a bit strange), they do seem to imply this. It's easy to see that if you logged onto your social media accounts and saw these types of posts, or were talking to a mom in the neighborhood and she was bragging like this, you wouldn't want to hear it.

Everyone's kids are amazing, but let's agree to stop bragging and keep some of it to ourselves, right?

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