A New Ready-To-Drink Baby Formula Gains Popularity In Japan

For most of us, baby formula means that fine granulated powder that comes in big tubs. However, Japan is changing the game byselling liquid baby formula by the bucket load.

Liquid baby formula products were previously banned in the country, but when the ban was lifted this past August, one company swooped right in. Ezaki Glico Co. produces a formula that is ready-to-drink and can be stored at room temperature.

This means no more late-night kettle boils and frantically trying to cool the bottle down. No hassle, just milk!

According to Japan Times, the product has been an instant hit, surpassing initial forecasts by three times. Another company offering a similar product, Meiji Co., has also had similar success.

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This comes as no real surprise, considering how ready to use formula is a huge bonus for parents.  The formula, which is mainly made from milk, has added nutrients in it to make sure babies get everything they need nutritionally.

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Considering that Ezaki Glico has only been in stores since May, the liquid formula has had a huge impact on the market. Moms have praised the formula for allowing them to feel better about childcare, while also making their own days and nights easier. The companies hope to make the product available in vending machines soon, while also capitalizing on sales at theme parks, stations, airports and other places.

Some parents are concerned about the longevity of the formula, considering that it doesn't contain any preservatives. Ezkai Glico is confident, however, that their product doesn't need to be refrigerated. But, they have decided to do more research in this area to ensure parents feel confident in using their products.

For parents in other countries like the U.S., U.K or Australia, liquid baby formula isn't something new. Brands such as Aptamil and SMA have provided ready-to-use bottles for quite some time without issue.

However, Japan ruled that more research needs to be done to be sure of the safety of these products before lifting their blanket ban altogether. Now they have, moms across the country are reaping the rewards in the form of more sleep for both them and baby.

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