Nurse Adopts Baby Left Behind At The Hospital

A woman gave birth in a California hospital two years ago and she left her son stranded. An ER nurse decided to adopt him.

Joshua Kohls is an ER at St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, California. He was working his shift when a pregnant mother came into the hospital to deliver her son. The labor and delivery went fine. After successfully delivering her beautiful healthy baby she told her nurse that she was going to step outside for a smoke. She left her baby in the hospital nursery and then she never came back. She left her new son alone, stranded, and without a mother.

Joshua Kohls said it was completely heartbreaking and he called his wife, Robin, to tell her about what had happened to the little boy. Robin said that it was the worst news and she couldn't sleep that night. She said it was weighing heavily on her mind. The next morning they called the little boy's social worker and he was brought to their home. His name was Logan.

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Robin said that when she saw the little boy for the first time she knew that he was going to be her's. She knew that was going to be her son and that they would be a family. Robin said that when she was putting Logan in his bed that night and she knew that every single night she would take him to bed and tell him how lucky she was to have him in her life. Joshua said that they were so blessed that God would put Logan in their life.

It has been a long process, but last month the Kohls family finally was able to officially adopt Logan through San Bernardino County Children and Family Services. They are so excited to know that Logan is officially theirs and that they get to be together forever. We are so excited for this beautiful family who took this boy into their home and made him theirs. He was way too perfect for that mother who abandoned him. We hope for a lifetime of health and happiness to little Logan.

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