10 Nursery Decor Tips To Make The Transition To Big Kid Room Easier

When you're expecting your baby, one of the first things many moms do is start a little Pinterest board with nursery decor ideas. Who can blame them? It's so fun to pick out tiny furniture for this new little human. It's a chance to take a grown-up home and toss in a little whimsy and fun. Also, there's finally an opportunity to have a legitimate reason to have glitter in the house - who wouldn't be excited?!

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Still, it can be easy to get so caught up in all the cute little knick-knacks and stuffed animals that you forget that the baby phase doesn't really last that long. Before you know it, that little peanut will be climbing in and out of their very own toddler bed. So, if you don't want to spend a fortune to update the nursery into a big kid room,  decorate strategically. Here's how.

10 Go For A Color Scheme Instead Of A Theme

We know, there is nothing cuter than ducks or other squishy little animals. But, putting a theme in your kid's room boxes them (and you) into it for the foreseeable future.

What if you deck out your baby girl's room in all things ballerina but by the time she's a little older she's not interested in dance in any way?

Instead of going with a theme that requires a lot of work to update, choose a color scheme you like instead. Once you get to know your little one and their interests, you can easily add more decor that is aligned with what they like, rather than having to redecorate the entire room.

9 Buy A Convertible Crib

Whoever invented the convertible crib deserves a Nobel Prize (brilliant engineering, if you ask us). These cribs provide your child with a bed frame that will last them through high school.

All you have to do is purchase the conversion kits, one toddler mattress, and one full-size mattress (down the road) and you're set.

Beautiful, expensive cribs are definitely hard to resist but long-term they are costly to update. Think about how often you change out your headboard and bed frame, it's probably not every two years, so why would you do that for your child?

8 Decorate With Toy Baskets, Not Big Age-Specific Toys

It's tempting to get the big rocking horse, gigantic teepee, and all the large toys you can find for the nursery, but all those will do is cause clutter. Once your baby is grown, those big toys will be out of their room to make way for Barbie Dream Houses and race car tracks.

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Instead of filling a corner with a really expensive kid-size chair, get some varying size baskets that can hold blankets, toys, or other baby essentials. Those baskets will eventually turn into toy baskets filled with cars, little people, dress-up clothes, and all the other big-kid things your little one's heart desires.

7 Think Beyond The Baby Stage When Purchasing Furniture

If you start to research baby furniture, you'll be bombarded with changing tables, closet systems, mobiles, and other expensive fixtures that you will only need in your baby's room for a year, max. Instead of buying something you'll need to turn around and sell in 9 months, think longterm.

Get a long dresser that can double as a changing table, and will last your baby into adolescence, don't put any permanent (or hard to change) fixtures in the room because your child will have an opinion on them later on, and avoid implementing anything meant specifically to organize baby clothes, because it won't be long before they're out of those little onesies.

6 Hang Shelves For Easy Decor Changes

If your baby's nursery has a lot of wall space, install shelves to decorate. You can put as much baby-specific decor on these as you want (baby's first shoes, a tiny globe, a piggy bank, the options are endless) because when your baby gets a little bigger, it's extremely simple to switch out those pieces for something a little more grown-up for them.

You can also stack some cute baby board books on them now, and switch them out for some fun chapter books later on.

5 Use Wrapping Paper Or Scrapbook Paper In Photo Frames

One of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to decorate is by using pretty wrapping paper, greeting cards, or scrapbook paper. You can find a ton of fun designs in the gift wrapping aisle of any store.

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To decorate the nursery, find some big frames and fill them with paper that goes with your decor. Then, when it's time to switch to a big kid room, you can get a new roll of wrapping paper that better matches their personality and you've instantly updated their room without spending more than $5!

4 Pick A Rocking Chair Table That Will Work As A Nightstand Later

Any new mom knows that there is nothing as important as having some kind of side table next to the rocking chair. This bad boy will hold the bottles and anything else you need during feedings so that you don't have to get up and potentially wake the baby while you're trying to get something.

That table will be your best friend late at night. But, those late-night feedings don't last very long (except when you're actually in them, then you swear they last for years) so that table will quickly lose its importance in the room. So, when you buy it, pick one that will eventually transition to a nightstand for your child when they're in a bigger bed. It's an easy way to just rearrange some furniture to transition the room.

3 Invest In A Glider That Will Work Somewhere Else In The House

As much as it breaks our hearts, babies turn into big kids who no longer want to be rocked to sleep (we're not crying, you're crying). That sweet rocking chair that you spent so many nights in soothing your baby will always be precious to you, but it will also take up a lot of floor space in a big kid room - space that could be used for play.

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So, when you're thinking about decorating your nursery consider investing in a glider that will work somewhere else in your house after the rocking days are over with your baby. Find one that is cozy, has a good color, and serves a purpose beyond those early days.

2 Use Some Of Your Personal Favorite Chapter Or YA Books As Decor

Do you have books from your childhood that you absolutely love and want your kids to read someday? Use them as decor!

Your baby will want to look at (and drool and chew on) all of its board books, so why put them up where they can't be used? Books are a fun way to decorate, and using those YA books as decor will get your child interested in them because they'll think, "these books must be mine since they're in my room!"

Now, you have decor for the nursery, and books to read with your big kid when the time comes!

1 Decorate Using Wall Decals

Have you ever walked into a house and seen a giant mural in the baby's nursery? They're usually beautiful and intricate, but the truth is, that baby will grow up into a kid with opinions and that beautiful mural will be primed and painted over like it's no big deal.

If you have a lot of wall space to cover, consider using removable decals for decor. They look amazing and, when the time is right, they peel right off with no residue left behind. This will allow you to decorate the room as babyish as you'd like, while still having an easy-to-remove option for when your little one is no longer a baby.

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