Nursery Design Trends For 2018

Remember when I mentioned I'm moving to Iowa? Well, that happened a few months ago and all the while we've been house-hunting. Luckily we found a great realtor (shameless plug) and closed on our first home yesterday! Very exciting, indeed. And since it's our first home, it's the first time I'll really be able to make a space my own. We spent a good chunk of the day yesterday ripping up flooring - which is as filthy as it sounds. And, of course, we let Shep pick his room. He chose wisely, leaving the bedroom close to mom and dad to his little sister. And then the dreams of unicorns and cotton candy comforters filled my head...

Just kidding! I'm actually not a huge fan of the color pink. To be honest, I'm kind of drawing a blank when it comes to my daughter's room! I know what I'd like to do in my son's room, the living room, the bathroom - but Rory's space? Still up in the air. Luckily, I've got you guys! So that means I've got an excuse to spend hours upon hours browsing Pinterest for the latest trends in nursery design. Here's my general impression.

Scandinavian Textures

Just imagine that sensory experience in a nursery!

Scandinavian style is a softer, more natural take on clean lines. Often you'll see stark white walls softened by a rich raw edge wood and fur rug. It's pretty stinking classy, if you ask me. One of the reasons I like this trend is that it ties in well with popular wooden toys (like these ones from Melissa & Doug). Mixing and matching textures allows the eye to rest while inviting you to experience the space with your other senses - to feel the grain of the wood, the bask in the soft rug. Ok, yes - I dig this trend! But is it right for a little girl's room?

Purple Power

I love me a strong purple, but this is maybe a bit much for nursery walls.

Pantone declared Ultra Violet 2018's color of the year. It's a bright punchy purple with a blue hue - and it's made its way into nurseries everywhere! Usually you'll find this purple interpreted in a softer tone or hue - not quite so vibrant. But still, it goes to show that Pantone has an influence on all areas of design - even those with the tried-and-true standard color combinations like nurseries.

Velveteen Habits

Can you get more luxe? That crib looks like a throne!

As you might have guessed, nurseries are moving away from an ultra-infantile space to an oasis of comfortable luxury for mama and baby to relax. Following the trend, you'll see rocking chairs and ottomans popping up in velvet upholstery. A soft and rich touch makes this fabric a great choice for both tiny toes and tired mommies! Plus, the plushness makes it look instantly and effortlessly luxe. Velvet textiles in a pop of color can become a guiding statement piece of your room!

Spell It Out

Find this cutie on Amazon in a plethora of colors!

You might have seen some pretty stinking cute (and funny!) pregnancy announcements on  letterboard. You know, letterboard? That old school deli-sign-looking design piece that's taken the place of the ubiquitous chalkboard in modern design? It's a great piece to grow with your child and a fun way to commemorate big milestones. Plus, it make a great photo prop!

Round It Out

You'll see more wall-size murals like this as both art and accent piece.

Kids' rooms have always looked great with strong primary colors and linear or geometric designs. Something about the clean, bold lines helps create a unifying backdrop for the chaos of a well-loved room full of toys. This year, you'll see triangles move over to make way for circles! From polka dots to clocks, you'll see circle motifs in just about every design component. The symbol represents unity and wholeness, providing a sense of contentedness and calm. Hey - if it helps soothe my crying six month old, I'll cover everything in circles!

Of course, these are just a few of the design trends I've noticed in nurseries. Interestingly, nurseries seem to be moving toward becoming gender neutral. That's a move I can get behind! Not just because colors can't have genders (silly!), but also because neutrals make for great resale! I still can't decide which of these trends I should incorporate into my daughter's room, though! Maybe that means I should try to do all of them in one room! That won't look overworked, right?



What are your favorite design trends for kids this year? Have you recently painted your house? Which colors did you choose? Cheer me on in our renovation project on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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