Fun Nursery Rhyme Prepares Kids For A Visit To The Doctor's Office

Taking your kids to the doctor is no day at the park. Luckily, the Little Angel Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs channel on YouTube has created a great video, titled “Baby Doctor Check Up,” that features an innovative way to approach your child’s trip to the doctor’s office.

The nursery rhyme, which focuses on the advantages of going to the doctor, has the children role-playing as doctors and nurses attending to patients that include their parents and their pets. The idea is to make the visit fun and stress-free. With lines like, “Doctor check-ups are the best, are the best / Checks your ears, and mouth and chest, mouth and chest / The Doctor checks your height and checks your weight / Making sure you’re growing great, growing great,” kids come to understand that a doctor’s appointment is all about making sure they continue to grow healthy and strong.

With picture-perfect visuals and a catchy sing-along song that will have your kids making the best out of an otherwise undesirable situation, the “Baby Doctor Check Up” video highlights the important aspects of routinely paying your pediatrician a visit. The video also shows how the family dog also needs a little checkup once in a while, helping children understand that a doctor’s visit is a part of life for all of us.

Children oftentimes fear a doctor’s visit means separation from a parent, a painful shot, or other unwelcome surprises. The experience can produce significant stress for children as well as for parents. By preparing your child with a fun activity beforehand, you can ensure a check-up is no more painful than a stop at the supermarket.

Experts frequently recommend being honest with your child and sharing information about upcoming doctor’s visits by introducing them to the people they will meet, such as doctors or nurses, and equipment they might encounter, such as a stethoscope or a thermometer. The “Baby Doctor Check Up” is a perfect way to show your child all of the things they can expect at the doctor’s office and also allow them time to ask questions before the visit.

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The Little Angel Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs channel features dozens of educational and entertaining videos to help your children learn about the world around them, as well as to introduce them to upcoming events in their young lives. With “Baby Doctor Check Up” you can prepare your child for a routine doctor’s visit, making the experience enjoyable for them and you.

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