10 Nursery Themes That Take Minimalist To A Whole New Level

It doesn't take long after finding out you are expecting a baby to fantasize about all aspects of your unborn baby’s life. And although dreaming up the perfect nursery isn’t as important as ensuring your unborn baby’s health, it can be fun to figure out the theme you want to go with. These minimalist nursery themes might be just what you need to turn that extra bedroom into an Ikea dream space.

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There is something to be said for bright colors and fun characters since newborns thrive on that kind of visual stimulation. But sometimes, less is more, and if you can forego some of the less necessary nursery accessories or decorations, you will be left with what your baby needs and more space to enable your baby to move around when the time comes. Color scheme aside, these minimalist nursery themes are all about making use of your space without going overboard.

10 Making Use Of A Small Space

The most colorful thing about this nursery is the brown dresser, but in this instance, it totally works. The room itself is incredibly small, but sometimes it's more about what you do with the space than filling it with a bunch of decor and accessories your baby likely doesn't even need.

And like this nursery, you can still add a fluffy carpet even if you have a nursery the size of a large walk-in closet. As long as your baby is safe and comfortable in his or her bedroom, that's all that matters.

9 A Room With A View

This room from Project Nursery features mostly simplistic furniture and decor. Its saving grace, however, happens to be a wall mural meant to go with the theme of the nursery. This one is a lot more colorful than the rest of the nursery, so if you go this route, it's really up to you how colorful you will go.

If not, you can still paint something in a more neutral tone while still giving your infant something to enjoy as a permanent piece of artwork in their room.

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8 Opt For Pink And Beige

A minimalist or simplistic nursery doesn't always have to be about whites and greys. Instead, as is the case with this nursery, you can choose other muted tones to create your baby's first space that is all their own. This nursery uses pink and beige to achieve a calm and comfortable atmosphere, so you can definitely follow suit.

Other options, however, include tan and pastel blue or beige with different pale purple tones. It's all about figuring out how best to decorate a nursery without overdoing it or choosing colors that are too loud.

7 A Minimalist Nursery For Twins

If you have twins, you will need twice the space for their cribs, dressers, and other odds and ends. This means you will have to fit a lot more in one nursery than you would for a single baby. Luckily, this minimalist nursery for twins has everything two babies could need without going overboard.

If you're in the same boat, you could easily do the same thing while keeping the rest of the decor simple. With two babies in one bedroom, you will need more space than other parents to allow movement throughout the nursery and as long as you keep things simple, your twins' nursery will feel like a welcoming open space.

6 Go Scandinavian

Another way to go minimalist with your baby's nursery is to go Scandinavian. Nurseries that follow a similar theme in decor, colors, and furniture tend to be as neutral as possible. Like this Scandinavian nursery, which relies on clean lines and simple colors more than anything. It also makes it so much easier to grow along with your child than having cartoon characters stuck to the walls or overly bright colors that can make it hard to repaint in one coat.

Nurseries like this can also do with a little extra decor as long as none of it clashes with what you already have. You don't have to add a birdcage above your baby's crib like the one in the photo, but there are plenty of simple mobiles out there.

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5 Keeping It Black And White

In theory, a black and white nursery might not sound like the most appealing option for all kids. But this black and white nursery has everything both you and your little one could ask for.

The walls are a bright white, keeping things neutral, and you get pips of lack throughout the room. Nothing is a surprise and it all comes together in a way you might not expect from a nursery that has zero actual color. In this case, though, it works.

4 Choosing An Accent Wall

Another way to create a special view for your baby that doesn't include a huge window to stare out of is an accent wall. Choose one in the nursery and put up wallpaper, either permanent or temporary, to create an accent wall that gives the room all the personality it needs.

Then, pair it with neutral baby furniture and maybe one or two colorful pieces that are still subdued enough. Together, it keeps the nursery minimalist but still makes it unique to your family's tastes.

3 Comfort For Everyone

One key piece of furniture you are bound to find in a nursery is a rocking chair. When you go with a modern or minimalist version of a nursery, however, chances are, you want one that is less of a standard glider or wooden rocker and more on theme.

This simple, but totally cozy and comfortable rocking chair in this all-around minimalist nursery helps keep pare its comfortably while giving the baby a comfortable space too. Of course, the nursery should be about keeping your baby happy, but there's nothing that says you can't also have a welcoming spot.

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2 A Room They Can Grow With

Another way to do the whole minimalist thing with your baby's nursery is to make the room one they can grow with. Add a simple modern looking tent or teepee they can play in as they get a little older and keep bookshelves and other things at their level.

It makes for more open wall space, which adds to the aesthetic you are probably going for anyway. And, of course, keeping things white or off-white means giving the entire room the clean airy feeling that most minimalist looks have.

1 Use Dark Colors In A New Way

In the black and white nursery, the walls were still white enough to keep the space bright. In this one, a touch of dark color is added to just one wall to add something different in an otherwise neutral and bright bedroom. A few pieces of furniture or accents with the same color can offset it well, but keeping the room either white or neutral can really make the pop of color come out.

The main goal in designing your baby's nursery is giving them a comfortable and welcoming space that can potentially grow with them as they get older. Or, at the very least, it can be their first personal space that is all their own until they are old enough to make their own decisions about decor and colors. These minimalist nursery designs are sure to help you get started and give you the creative boost you might need.

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